Mahatma Gandhi dancing with girl is an actor!

Mahatma Gandhi dancing with girl is an actor!

A fake picture of the Father of the Nation, MK Gandhi has been doing the rounds on the Internet

If you happened to see a picture of legendary Indian Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, merrily dancing away with a white girl at a party while still in his dhoties, take heart – it is not him! Take a closer look, and you will see that the image is real, but the Gandhi in it is fake. Apparently it is an Australian actor posing as Gandhi who is shaking a leg with the lady. The two were captured at a charity gala in Sydney, say reports.

Social networking sites were abuzz with people sharing this pic or talking about it. Gandhians swore it’s not him, while anti-Gandhi people had a good laugh looking at it. Bollywood PR Dale Bhagwagar pointed out, “If you mark this picture minutely, Gandhiji has muscles on his arms. This is the give away, as we all know that the Mahatma was skinny.” He adds, “This kind of a mix-up of history could be dangerous. It may have long-term implications with a large number of people being misled with incorrect perceptions about national leaders and icons of society.”

In another picture, Gandhi’s killer Nathuram Godse was shown with a gun. This was apparently a film still from Nine Hours To Rama (1963) in which Horst Buchholz had played Godse and Gandhi was essayed by JS Casshyap. Do you think these pictures on the Internet are an insult to our great national leaders?

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  • Devendra

    Really fake picture.

    This is really sad in fact when we read such fake news about Gandhi Ji…

  • Jose

    This is so-called great interview bang! I like the way of osqutiening and answering. You already edited his answer? or this is original one? But I still wonder why his answer and speech in the name of Royal Government of Cambodia’s spoke man has never been attracted me as this context?However, I am really proud of his.Yes but the way of reply based on the one’s style and knowledge.

  • smartindian

    who said he is father of nation ?? he is just one of the freedom fighter. but stole the title !! british rule would end even without gandi cz they hv nothing here. they already stole enoug riches & lost money in war so can no longer maintain India !?,

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Really we Indians are very freaky race.
    Its a dance and what is harm in doing so.
    There are a lot of people, who declared themselves as protector of religion, on social networking sharing this pic and saying a lot of -ve things about Gandhi. I don’t want to comment on that thing, just wanted to say to you all ignore this and concentrate more on your job, make money and feed your family.

    • uttam

      truely said

  • rajeswar

    also the shoes are different…gandhi used to wear kharau…wooden slippers !!

  • Arjaya

    Gaurav Kumar you are a prime example. Posting on here that others should be concentrating on making money and feeding their families. Follow Siva do you. Good Luck.
    What I find interesting is how many people still bash a man that has been dead for 50 years. He lives on because of the things he stood for at the time. We should all be as well thought of as the Mahatma.

  • Manish Sharma

    first of all, He’s not the father of nation.