Posted Mon, January 9, 2012 10:43am IST

The item girl’s boyfriend proposed to her onstage at the Bigg Boss 5 finale, but left us wondering how real the show actually was

We’ve always had our doubts about reality shows, especially Bigg Boss 5, being not-so-real after all. Either way, you would think that the grand finale will have some sort of realistic feel to it. Sadly, the finale and what happened later simply reaffirmed our suspicions. Mahek Chahal’s long-time boyfriend Danish Khan took this opportunity to propose to her on stage in front of millions of TV viewers. He even went down on one knee! The blushing item girl was thrilled and eagerly accepted his proposal, much to Danish’s delight and the roaring approval of the live audience. So what if she didn’t win the prize money of Rs 1 crore? She had got something much closer to her heart.

When she met the media after the event, that should have been the hot topic of discussion, no? Nope. The statuesque beauty spoke about everything else – Sunny Leone doing Jism 2, Juhi Parmar being a deserving winner “as she was the only one of us who had been in the house for the full 98 days”, her “beautiful time” in the Bigg Boss house, how her friendship with Siddharth Bhardwaj developed after he accepted his mistakes, her wish to forgive and forget Sky over time, the lesson she learnt in the house that “no matter what you say, people will believe what they want to believe”.  There was not one line about Danish’s proposal. Even when she discussed her future career plans or the more immediate party plans, she didn’t mention Danish. Was the entire proposal so fake that it had slipped her mind just an hour after it happened? Or did her sorrow about losing the show outweigh the joy? Then there is the other little matter about her contract with Bigg Boss 5. “When I was eliminated, I had got several offers (movie and TV shows), but I told them that my contract with the show was not over and I had to go back inside the house, so once the show ends, only then I can consider the offers,” she said. Does that mean she knew when she was eliminated that she – not Shonali Nagrani, not Lakshmi Tripathi – will be the wild card entrant? Makes you wonder about the reality in the reality show, doesn’t it? We just hope the proposal was genuine and Mahek has really found true love at last.