Mahek Chahal takes Rakhi Sawant’s advice; puts off her marriage to Danish

After accepting a marriage proposal on national television and going gaga over her boyfriend, the Bigg Boss 5 girl seems to have developed cold feet now. Is Ms Sawant to blame?

When Mahek Chahal’s long time boyfriend Danish Khan proposed to her on national television, everybody including Mahek was quite surprised by the whole thing. “What more can a girl ask for? I always dreamt of how I will be proposed. I never thought I will get proposed on national television. It was so beautiful. Danish and I have known each other for four years. I am so happy,” said Mahek. But if Danish is to be believed, it wasn’t much of a surprise for Mahek because she had asked for it. Danish said that moments after Mahek was evicted from the house she called him up and said, “Danish, no money is worth more than a relationship. I don’t care about anything else. You just come down here and marry me right now.” And the obedient boyfriend obliged. But while the contestants and audience were still recovering from this overdose of mush happening on stage, Rakhi Sawant decided that it was time for her to step in. For her, the moment looked incomplete without a vishesh tippani (special comment). “I was very sad to see her getting engaged (to Danish Khan). It just happened on the sets and I was so shocked. Why does she want to get married now? Her career has got a fine start. See, the show gave her so much of hype. This is the time she should be working. This is her chance. She should forget about marriage. Shaadi toh phir bhi ho jati hai (Marriage can happen later too),” Rakhi quipped.

Anyway, while everyone decided to let it pass, looks like only dear Mahek paid attention to Rakhi’s comments. The first runner-up of Bigg Boss 5 has now decided to put off the marriage for some time. “We only got engaged. I know him for years, from the time I was a child in Norway. He is a simple computer technician with a 9-to-5 job in Norway. For me, right now, it’s just work, work, work.” Uh-ho! Clearly, the girl-in-love is not in the mood to pause her career for a ‘simple computer technician with a 9-to-5 job’ just yet. While we have no clue what happened to the ‘marry me right now’ plan, we really can’t refrain from asking a question- Is Rakhi your new advisor, Mahek? Wink wink. Nudge Nudge.