Mahesh Bhatt fears Alia Bhatt getting too content with her achievements in Bollywood

The veteran director is happy that his daughter has come a long way

Success and fame have come to Alia Bhatt in a short span and at a very young age. Despite that, she is grounded. Almost too grounded. Unlike, say a Kriti Sanon, who after one film — Heropanti — has gained the reputation of having starry airs. So, how come Alia’s so grounded? She has her parents Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan to thank for that.

Says Mahesh, “Alia has tasted enormous success before she turned 21. She has had three back-to-back successful films. There are no chances of her being swept away by this adulation because her parents have seen this space. We keep on cautioning her about becoming the first member of her own fan club.”

Bhatt admits that his relationship with his daughter got better after she became a part of the industry, “Now that she’s an actor, she understands me more. My children have to walk the same ground we did, but in their own way. There is no math or compass. They will create their own path according to their own choices. I never give them any insights into life. If I do that, they could fly and steer themselves from any moments of anguish.”

If success goes to her head, he admits he will be the first to bring his daughter back to earth. But, for now, he feels that Alia will not go down that road, “Her understanding of good acting is far deeper than what people think. That’s because she has people around her who keep on showing her the work of the greats. It keeps her appetite alive. She is too young. She has a long journey.”

The only danger Mahesh sees for Alia is “of getting too content with her achievements. But she has an active mind, has friends and is thirsty for more. I was moved by her generosity when she went up to Patralekha and hugged her after a trial of Citylights and gave her a compliment. In this day and age, it is very difficult to be generous to anybody who is your contemporary. As long as you have that kind of generosity, you will plough through this space far longer than those who do not have a generous heart. You can’t be a great actor unless you are a generous human being.”