Mahesh Bhatt wants Sunny Leone to play lead in ‘Jism 2′! What is he thinking?

Mahesh Bhatt wants Sunny Leone to play lead in ‘Jism 2′! What is he thinking?

The producer thinks the pornstar from Bigg Boss 5 is the ideal candidate for his next film, but we disagree

We had told you how the Bhatts are looking for a sizzling jodi for Jism 2. Bipasha Basu and John Abraham, who steamed it up in Jism, do not want to act together in the sequel since they have broken up, and casting only one of them will not make sense or have the same impact. Anyway, now we hear that Mahesh Bhatt has decided that he wants Sunny Leone to star in the film. Mahesh was impressed with the pornstar’s way of dealing with issues in Bigg Boss 5 and even entered the house for a short while to talk to her about it. He told IANS, “I am not casting her for her body, but I see that loneliness and heartbroken soul that is behind that smile. The entertainment business itself is not a cakewalk, so the porn business would have been a really tough ride for her. Jism 2 narrates the story of a woman who transcends from the ‘body’ to the ‘soul’. I wanted to approach an actress who not only has the physical attributes but also the emotional ‘edge’ to carry off the complexity of the role. I see Sunny as a perfect fit for the film and the script.” We really don’t have anything against Sunny’s profession, but what we are concerned about is the effect her fame is having on young teenagers. While she was known only to a select few before she entered Bigg Boss 5, now she has become a household name with school children eager to watch samples of her work. We hear they are already logging on to video-sharing websites to get more than a glimpse of her… err… professional side and even discussing it at school! Once Sunny does a movie – and it’s very likely she’ll do it as she has admitted she has harboured Bollywood dreams for a long time – and that too, one as steamy as Jism 2, her audience in the teen bracket for her non-Bollywood productions is bound to increase. Not something any parent would want. Would you?

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  • imran

    hhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii alll of uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • krinie

    urggh! shes pretty and everything but Bollywood deserves better! i mean come on she is a bloody porn star !

    • sameer90c

      So what if she is pornstar, everyone has freedom to adopt a career and may be she has her own pt. of view for that.
      and if its about indian culture,,let me conclude that,,out of 1.21 billion people about 50 crore must have watched porn,,so whhat if she has worked for in that bloody thing.,atlast she is a human.

  • Frank

    I dont think there is any harm in casting Sunny.I would love to see how she acts in a movie.

  • Weis

    Haha come on!!!! This is not right !! Bollywood deserves better half of THE world have seen her porn so what is her going on !! U thought that bollywood have line ,,, this is really across THE line hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshshshahaha