Mahie Gill goes all glam and sensuous in Zanjeer

The babe is wearing a sexy kaftan designed by Pria Kataaria Puri, but does she manage to fit into the shoes of the seductive Mona darling – the super spicy character played by Bindu in the original Zanjeer?

Mahie Gill has always been a bold one, and now we will get to see her in a bolder avatar again in the remake of Zanjeer as the hot and temperature raising Mona darling. Gill is wearing an interesting kaftan in one of the stills from the film. The streaks of mahogany on her hair make her look stylish, and those retro oversized sunglasses suit her seductress image. We like the way the stylist has given her a golden cuff and that shiny strip on the bodice of her dress is quite the highlight.

We hear Gill will also be wearing a bikini in the film. Now that’s going to be some surprise package – will she put on a sexy monokini or wear a vintage swimsuit, we will get to see that soon!