Mahie Gill to groove to an item song in ‘Zanjeer’ remake

The Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster actor’s dream to sing, dance and emote in true Bollywood ishtyle will come true in the modern adaptation of the 1977 classic

Mahie Gill was recently signed on by director Apoorva Lakhia to play one of the popular vamp characters of the 70s – ‘Mona darling’ (originally played by Bindu), in the remake of Prakash Mehra’s blockbuster drama Zanjeer. While Mahie will have some bold and daring scenes in the film that she is usually known for, we found out that she’ll also fulfil her dream to sing and dance on a typical Bollywood number in the new version. The makers of the modern adaptation have done away with the cabaret song that was performed by Bindu in the original. Instead they will have Mahie do a hip-hop in the remake. There will be one more item song for which they still have to cast a sexy dancer.

Many may think it would be a cumbersome task for the Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster actor who started out with unconventional roles, but we don’t think so. She is trained Kathak dancer and loves to groove, but the problem occurs when the camera is on. This is a barrier she has wanted to break for a while. Long ago, Mahie had told us in an interview, “No one is offering me song and dance roles ‘coz people don’t think of me like that. People call and say that, “Mahie there is a female protagonist role and there is scope for performance,” so I get those kind of films. I am lucky… but I would love to do an out and out commercial film in which I also have something to do. I have grown up watching Yash Chopra films so I would also like to wear a chiffon saree and run around the tree. I would like to do an item song because I am an actor, after all.”

If Mona darling’s part turns out as it is being projected, Mahie would soon join the ever increasing tribe of item-girls and probably land herself a meaty role in a commercial flick.