Main Naa Bhoolungi promo: Will Shikha uncover the truth about her husband in time?

Wed, December 11, 2013 7:40pm IST by
Main Naa Bhoolungi

Arranged marriages in the country are purely a stroke of luck – if your luck is bad, then expect the worst. That however, doesn’t indicate that all arranged marriages end up in a lurch

Aishwarya Sakhuja is making a comeback to daily soaps after hosting several reality shows and boy, are we glad. The last time we saw the actor onscreen as a bahu, was in Sony TV’s Saas Bina Sasural, which we believe was a unique concept and hatke show.

The promo of her new show Main Naa Bhoolungi, talks about Shikha’s arranged marriage – her expectations and what happens when her husband turns out to be the devil incarnate. Will it be too late for her to find out the truth about her would-be-husband? Will Shikha escape the clutches of her predator hubby?

Well the promo invokes a lot of questions, and keeps the audiences on the edge. We just hope the makers keep the level of intrigue and thrill in the show, without making it a saas bahu saga. Fingers crossed!

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  • RH

    All the marriages & relationships are same. One entire life becomes less to know most people. There are more divorces now than at any time in history. Earlier, they used to tolerate a bad relationship. Now, they just head towards split. Even after live-in relationship of decades, couples split now in spite of knowing a person much before marriage! So, it makes no difference at all. As long as the families are standing firm behind the couples, they will cope up with the separation. Just don’t get married out of compulsion. Don’t fall in easily. Don’t sell yourself cheap or have physical bond without proper commitment, most men just want to use women. Don’t have many kids even after m’age as they will become a burden after the split. One is too many now! Also, never have kids in a bid to save a m’age. It never works. Rather, the kids become a burden and suffer the most as the fight continues. Don’t marry, b happy. Don’t fall for any, b happy. Save your hard earned money for future, not for the divorce lawyer, who will rip you off to build a mansion;)