Posted Mon, September 1, 2014 4:40pm IST

The sultry siren took to Instagram to flaunt her third tattoo and the experience of getting the same…

Malaika Arora Khan got inked for the third time! She posted pictures on her Instagram of getting a tattoo on her back. The Munni of Bollywood opted for a delicate design this time, a set of three flying birds. Her new tattoo symbolised Malaika’s own free-spirited personality.

But more than the design she got inked on her back, we liked how she made the process of getting a tattoo so sexy through the Instagram picture. Dressed in a bikini top and hot-shorts, Malaika has her back stretched out for the tattoo artist while her face is engulfed in her arms. Boy, only Ms Khan could have made a partly-painful process of getting inked such a sexy experience for her Instagram followers!

Do check out more of Malaika’s sexiness in her Instagram pics!