Malika Haydon: I am not worried about Kareena Kapoor

The swimsuit calendar babe is actually musically inclined and doesn’t believe in planning things. For her it is one day at a time

Though Malika Haydon can’t speak a word of Hindi (she abruptly disconnects calls where the caller speaks Hindi), she says that she is game for acting in Bollywood. Walking in casually at the Illuminati Films’ office wearing a gorgeous little black dress, the stunning model-turned-item-girl spoke of Saif Ali Khan, her sister Lisa and more…

Did you always have Bollywood on your mind?

No, I never really thought I would land up here. After finishing my studies, I was busy with my DJ gigs (she plays electronic and house music) and this offer came from the agency that manages my work. I spoke to my mother and my sister and they both told me to go ahead with it, so I did. It wasn’t a planned move; actually, I take things as they come.

Tell us about the item songs that you did in Agent Vinod

My character in the film is that of a security personnel who is up against Saif Ali Khan, trying to trace his whereabouts. Thus I oppose Saif by chasing him in one of the songs – ‘Pyaar ki pungi’. The song actually takes the story forward. The first item song that that was released (‘I’ll do the talking’) is just a promotional number that will not be in the film.

What was the experience of working with Saif Ali Khan like?

He is very chilled out and, being the good actor that he is, he ensured that I felt comfortable, as it was my first stint in front of the camera. It helped that the songs were very much the kind I produce and I have been dancing to since I was a kid.

Are you not worried about your item songs being overshadowed by Kareena Kapoor’s ‘mujra’?

Not really; my item songs are another league altogether. While Kareena’s mujra number is very ‘desi’, mine is totally western, electronic, peppy and upbeat. The mujra might have mass appeal, but I am happy that my songs are in the zone that I am comfortable in. It is totally different from the Sheilas, Munnis and Razias that have been around for a while.

Is there sibling rivalry between you and your sister Lisa?

Absolutely not! Once we are back home, we don’t discuss work. Of course we’re there for each other whenever we need, but that’s about all. We are not running a race to be insecure about each other’s work. We are happy in our own space.

Have you started getting offers to do more item numbers?

For now I am not taking up any other project. Of course the agency will let me know about all the offers that come my way. If something really interests me and also matches my personality, I just might take it on. Films like Shaitan would be right up my alley! As of now I want to stick to my first love, music, till the right opportunity knocks on my door. I have not yet thought about venturing into mainstream Bollywood commercial music.

Have you watched any Hindi films recently?

Not really; I haven’t even watched any of Saif’s films. The only Hindi film I saw recently was Rascals, that too because my sister starred in it. I do watch a lot of Hollywood films, but haven’t really thought about working with any director in particular.

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