Posted Thu, December 20, 2012 9:45am IST

Taking a look at what our pretty Bollywood ladies are doing this New Year and who is cashing in on all the money

New Year is a time where most of the B-town heroines rake in huge moolah, performing to all the hit numbers of the year. They even beat the heroes of Bollywood on this turf, where their sexy moves help add more zeroes to their pay cheque. And since every film has at least one item song, the number of babes who will be rocking it this New Year is astounding. And sure, for some of these item girls, it is more of doing item numbers than movies through the year. But then with item numbers being a rage, and with New Year around the corner, everyone wants to celebrate and shake a leg, who are we to judge?

So here’s looking at the pretty ladies who are making the most money this December!