Mallika Sherawat chucks her diet for hot jalebis!

On the last day of the shoot, the entire unit of Double Dhamaal celebrated with jalebis, inspired from Mallika’s item song in the film

Being an actor is a tough job, but being an item girl is tougher. You have to work out like a maniac and be extremely careful with your diet if you want to maintain your stick thin figure and build a sexy image. In any case, the camera adds five kilos to your existing frame! No wonder most of our Bollywood babes are perpetually eating lettuce and sprouts. Mallika Sherawat, a vegan, is one of them. But they all make exceptions. Like on the last of shooting for her item song Jalebi Bai in Double Dhamaal, the actor indulged in some hot jalebis. The film’s director Indra Kumar says, “We were shooting at Mehboob Studio and the mood was so festive and celebratory that we ordered around 25 kilos of sweets for the entire unit.” The buzz on the sets was that Mallika’s Jalebi Bai will outdo Munni and Sheila. Well, Mallika definitely deserves some jalebis after working hard on all those (pelvic) moves in order to out-do the rest of the item girls, doesn’t she?