Mallika Sherawat creates mass hysteria – watch video!

The Murder babe visits her hometown for the first time, or so does she claim. Watch the kind of emotional stir Ms Sherawat generates with her controversially colourful image

Mallika Sherawat knows how to stay in the news. Or for that matter the 37-year-old sexy lady knows how to create hysteria that can instantly make for an exciting news ticker. Just when we wondered what Mallika was up to these days, she stormed into our collective consciousness with what can be called a carefully-crafted video that reiterates her popularity as a sex siren.

In this video you will see Ms Sherawat paying a visit to her home-town in Haryana to shoot for her TV show Bachelorette India-Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika. The moment Mallika’s plush car starts making its swanky presence felt on the dusty roads, thousands of fans go berserk to catch a glimpse of the actor. Soon the crowd goes wild and the police employed to guard Miss S’s privacy start resorting to lathi charge. “My first visit to my hometown in Haryana, couldn’t even get out of the car!!” tweeted the babe.

The misty-eyed Mallika is then seen showing concern even as her fans are happy to pay a hefty price from the police only to meet her. Watch the whole commotion unfold in this video to believe Mallika mania!

Mallika Sherawat visits her hometown from Mallika Sherawat on Vimeo.