Mallika Sherawat smooches a suitor on The Bachelorette India!

Mallika Sherawat, The bachelorette India

The controversial babe spins a new controversy and this one will not die that easy

The bachelors on The Bachelorette India Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika have been vying for their lady love’s attention and affection. However, not all of them get that lucky. In every episode, one suitor gets the chance to go on a date with Mallika Sherawat – sometimes it gets romantic while very often the babe just gets to know more about her suitor. However, today it will be very different.

The new task for the suitors is to envision a dream date for Mallika and to give her a special treatment. The five boys left in the competition try their level best to woo her but only one gets lucky. Here what the boys did for Mallika:

Bivas Biswas: The daddy in the group organises a horse riding and a picnic date near lake side. Really…? A lunch date is so not romantic Bisvas!

Vijay Singh: The wannabe actor organises a candle lit heart shape sitting. Wish we had a little more information on what he really did ‘coz it seems to have worked wonders for him.

Jashan Singh Kohli: The ever cheerful sardar created a barbeque setting for his lady love. He then arranged for a swing besides the pool where they sat and got lost in conversation… Awwww..!

Vinay Jhambh: The possessive dude in the group takes Mallika to a theatre for a romantic movie. They share popcorn from one tub – cheesy, no?

Karan Sagoo: The dishy dude arranges a Moroccan set up and lovely candle light dinner – very traditional!

If you ask us, all the guys have taken a lot of effort to make the evening special for Mallika. But only one dude got lucky. It seems after her date with Vijay, Mallika ended up locking lips with him. We really didn’t see this coming, considering how the channel insisted that they have shown nothing bold on the show. Well we think kissing a stranger on national TV is pretty bold – guess its all a part of the act. Lucky Vijay! What do you think Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • brown-angel

    She an idiot….. she would do anything for fame this is all an act all set up and people who watch this show find something else interesting to do this is total bull***t time waste ….. also she looks like a fish i wonder why all you indian men run after her

  • SS

    If Vijay can raise his fist to Karan when angry, he is capable of doing that with Mallika as well. Once a violent trait is shown then you can know that internally he will be capable of physical violence and abuse ANYTIME when provoked. Isn’t that why she kicked out another contestant? Note the warning signs of such behavior Mallika!

  • Sanjay

    Malika aap ye boys logo ke shat khelna band karo shadi shadi hoti he naki tv show yeh DHARAM (riwaj) ke khilaf he

  • Jennifer

    Mallika is trying to get roles as heroine. I think that is the whole logic of this show. Her acting, her expressions. She is trying to show I can act. but it is crap.She is a bad actress

  • Manoj kumar dogra

    Malika g loyal is better than royal i humble requsted to you kindly choose vijay singh .or viju