Mallika Sherawat strikes again

Her roles may be short, but her reach is certainly long! The hot babe seems to get everywhere without doing anything of any great significance

After Laila, Jalebi bai and Razia, Mallika Sherawat has done her vanishing act from B-town yet again. She sent in regular updates from Cannes, where she was startlingly sober in her style and surprisingly serious where her usually quotable quotes are concerned. After all, we all love Mallika for her shocking statements more than for her acting ability, no? But where Bollywood is concerned, all we know of her is that she flies in, does a little shimmy or two, stars in a couple of controversies and flies off again to her now-HQ in LA, where we hear via Twitter of her dining, dancing and doing the dishabille act in various photoshoots.

And her latest is a tweet from Los Angeles, where she tells us with some pride, “City of Los Angeles honored me wt the Resolution at city hall ,wanna share with ma tweeple:)”. While we are die-hard fans of the bootylicious babe and admire her chutzpah and gumption for her making a career out of really nothing at all, we must say that she does get around. And we – with our bitchy-bone out and willing to stab – wonder, how on earth does she do it? If you know, do tell us!