Manisha Koirala to adopt a baby girl!

The actor wants to adopt a girl child next year

Manisha Koirala turned 44 on August 16, and she’s made a momentous decision. She wants to adopt a baby girl next year.

Speaking from the Oneness University in Seemandhara, Manisha confirms, “I’ve decided to adopt a baby girl. In my own way, I can start my own family.”

The actress would’ve adopted a child earlier but held out because of her health issue. She shares, “After my ovarian cancer was cured, I was advised to give it three years before my body would be considered safe from the disease. Those three years would be completed next year. That’s when I’ll feel confident enough to take care of a new life. That’s when I’ll officially adopt a child.”

She’s pessimistic about finding love but adds, “I’ve always fallen in love with the wrong people. I’ve ended being hurt, but have never been disillusioned by love. I still look for love. I still crave to be in a perfect relationship, though I know it may not be possible to find it. I now long to find that perfect love in my relationship with my child.”

Manisha also craves inner peace, “I am now looking forward to some good work, a stress-free life and maybe the right life partner one day. Meanwhile, I’m now getting ready to bring my child home. I feel she would complete me in the way no other person can.”