Manveer Gurjar with beard or without beard: Which style makes this Bigg Boss 10 contestant look hotter?

So, in of the biggest events of Bigg Boss 10 so far, Manveer Gurjar was asked to shave off his beard to save Manoj Punjabi from nominations this week. The only guy, apart from Om Swami, who was batting for No Shave November, had a huge fan following amongst women. His glorious beard was one of his USPs. Without that – well he still has the charm, but do you think he is looking as handsome as he used to?

It is the fourth week of the tenth season of Bigg Boss. In a new twist to the nomination ki prakriya, the house bid adieu to the general form of voting and nominating. Instead, the contestants, one by one, were asked to convince co-contestants to perform a certain task in order to save their own ass from the nomination. Bani J convinced Gaurav Chopra to bleach his eyebrows, and Gaurav convinced Bani to destroy a valued gift from her friend – a sight that sure as hell must have disturbed Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan. Similarly, Manoj Punjabi was supposed to convince fellow player Manveer to shave off his beard. Manveer was clearly disturbed over the task, and claimed that he might value Manu more than his beard but he values his beard more than himself. Finally, betraying his love for his facial hair, Manveer decided to run the blades of trimmer over his face. We had no clue that he would look like that without a beard! Still handsome, still charming, still the beacon of hope for many commoners across the nation!
But what do you think what look suits Manveer Gurjar more? Vote and tell us: