Mastram quick movie review: Akhilesh Jaiswal’s film titillates, but doesn’t engage!

This much hyped film on a porn writer premiered at the Mumbai Film Fetsival last year and now it’s finally set for a theatrical release

Tara Alisha Berry, Rahul Bagga starrer Mastram has hit the theatres. Akhilesh Jaiswal’s this film definitely grabbed eyeballs thanks to the porn connection. While the makers claimed to have porn cartoon Savita Bhabhi’s debut in this film, they didn’t have any other popular name to boast of. With the movie finally out in a cinema hall our reviewer Prathamesh Jadhav gives us a quick review to help BollywoodLifers decide if this film is worth a watch or better be missed. Here take a look…

“When Rajaram, a small time writer, faces rejections for his work, the young man decides to add some masala into his writing. He exploits dirty fantasies with the might of his pen, ably assisted by his fertile imagination. Naturally Mastram (the popular erotic writer) is born. The first half is extremely predictable and slow. We hope Mastram will give us much needed tadka and an engaging plot in the second half. And will not just limit to offering mere titillation.”

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