MAUSAM Quick Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor scores

MAUSAM Quick Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor scores

The actor manages a standout performance, one that should overshadow his Jab We Met role

It may be the first time Pankaj Kapoor is directing a full-length Hindi film, but he gets it more right than many who are seasoned in the craft. Mausam, the new release of the week, starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, is not the perfect film, but is indeed most impressive, with fine work from everyone involved – the director, the actors, the cinematographer, even the music director (though he did have a little help from history with Abhi na jao chod kar and Ajeeb dastaan hain yeh). The story spans time, as all the press releases have said, as it describes the love story between Ayaat, a Kashmiri refugee girl (Sonam Kapoor) and Harry, an air force pilot (Shahid Kapoor). Significant events in Indian history define the ups and downs in this romance – the two young people stealing glances at each other, separation because of war, stolen glimpses of one by the other and their eventual, final coming together during, of all things, the Gujarat riots, occasionally tends to be jerky and contrived, but on the whole more interesting and absorbing than some of the plots that we have suffered through over the past few years. Shahid manages a standout performance, one that should overshadow the Jab We Met role, thank god! He could make us forget the handsome young Rajesh Khanna in Aradhana, if he was a little taller – but his height does not matter as he grows in power and acting ability with almost each scene. Sonam looks gorgeous, with kind of the same air that the old-world heroines had, but needs to learn to emote with the eyes rather than the mouth. A surprise and wonderful package is Aditi Sharma as Rajjo, the Punjabi girl in Shahid’s life; it would have been good to see more of her. We saw the film once; and are thinking that maybe we need to see it again, if nothing else to watch the hero that Shahid has grown into!

Watch this space for Mausam full review!

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  • shahidirene25

    a very very gud luck to the whole mausam team!Im loving it too much n frm just nw my playlist was nonstop playing mausam songs!lots of love frm me
    (malaysia) i love u lots shahid kapoor :) this movie is a superloveseason of the year n years!my prays always for shahid success!gud luck sweetheart!u gonna make this now!rock mausam!

  • Saloni

    A very very hearty congratulations to whole MAUSAM cast and crew for its success, and wish all the luck in the future, hope we (general audience) will always get the glorious chances of experiencing the magic created by the magical teamwork of the magical father-son jodi! ;) All the best! And loads of love to my dearest, luvliest, handsomest, cutest, sweetest darling SHAHID KAPOOR! Love u so much every second with an accelerating rate! <3

    • anuj bhalla

      hello saloni how are u contact me 9871263370

  • zoya

    wow..mausam is such a nyc mausam…love shahid n sonams chemistry….who said sonam cant act…love u shona

  • Dukedhirendra

    MOUSAM very sweet love story! Love the movie especially the part in Punjab before Interval. The movie is worth viewing.

  • sumit

    it is so romantic movie.I LIKE THIS MOVIE specialy SONAM KAPOOR

    • ashu

      any one tell me … hows the movie going……..???

      • mayank varma

        totally boring

  • funny

    bakwas floop at the box office ,

  • Chandan vishwas

    It was much lovable love story…. Those who are deeply immersed in love will able to feel the love chemistry between shahid an sonam in mausam…. Shahid is now grownup much than past 8 years… Sonam needs some improvement but she acts good and supported by shahid…. Totally- a good love story with lots of feelings… I will watch it again

  • Vinay Prajapati

    very good movie but lots of twist and truns….

  • Aastha Mehra

    the movie is a fantastic with brilliant work done by Shahid n even sonam’s best work till now. only those who actually believe in true love n have faith that they’ll find it someday will love the film. Mausam gave me faith that love never dies and i love love stories. Shahid <3<3<3, u rocked the show and whole credit goes to you for such a great performance & to your dad for creating such a touching piece of work for you…!! Loved the movie.. Everyone should watch to believe iv LOVE..!! :) ) <3<3<3

  • loveshahid

    Its an awesome movie , a worth watch. It proves that love never dies it remains in ones heart forever. In this movie the same happens Harry’s love for Aayat stayed in his heart and they were together in the last after getting separated 4-5 times. It is an amazing lovestory a great example of True Love . A great performance by Shahid and Sonam and all the other characters who where there in the movie. I think that it is truly an awesome movie . I LOVED IT <3 <3 <3



  • NoName

    It’s like pulling your teeth out

  • ramiz



    Hi zoya i also like this bautiful movie contct me if u dont mind because a am looking for ayaat in my stress ful life plz

  • Pankaj

    Super hit movies

  • iftikhar ahmad

    this is what we call love! Every one is awesome in the movie! Will watch it again nd again!

  • amit singh

    i love you

  • bhavesh

    I actually liked the performance by aditi sharma. small role but she is natural in her acting and performances

  • Haimanti Banerjee

    Hey, what happened? Where is my post of yesterday, 27th Sep.2011 ON MAUSAM THE MAGNIFICENT?

    Are u P….ing? Come on guys and geese, buck up and POST!!!

    • Haimanti Banerjee

      GOOD! But what happened to the review of THE MAGNIFICENT MAUSAM written yesterday on 27th Sep.2011?
      Don’t dither, just put it here for others to enjoy.

  • ramiz kan

    this is film is very magnificiant film because shaid kapoor areperfomanse are very good natural acting for this film du to us

  • megha

    long movie but shahid dear god–u were just too good.