Meet Deepika Padukone, the 9 to 5 office chick!

The Chennai Express babe is seen going formal-chic on the cover of a popular style glossy

Deepika Padukone reminds us of one of those happening office babes who isn’t afraid of letting her hair down after work. She heads off to the land of the crazy the moment she steps out of her cubicle. In her lacy, puffy sleeved dress and stylish cropped wavy hair Padukone plays around with some cool office styles. Her impish grin transforms into a serious model-like expression the moment the camera focuses on her.

And then she goes ballistic again, wobbling her head like an absolute prankster – you know what’s in her head – she just wants to have some pre- shoot fun. We love the fashionable costumes she opts for, from those lacy frocks to the oh-la-la work wear…. Deepika makes office seem so much fun! Now that’s some serious style inspiration for the hardworking girlies!

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