Meet Sridevi, the super sexy professor!

The English Vinglish babe is sure to make all the guys want to go back to school

You will see the sweet and simple Shashi from English Vinglish transformed into a hot bombshell in a recent photo shoot in Vogue. Now who would be interesting in solving those complex equations on the blackboard when a mesmerising beauty is right in front of you? And that lady is playing the naughty teacher, showing a hint of lacy petticoat, a provocative pout, a wicked cleavage…

Talking about solutions…youthfulness is all we see in her style. The actor spreads some great fashion joy in an Alice + Olive cardigan and yes, she’s going all sexy by knotting it up and teaming it with a short striped skirt. When the 50-year-old is not setting her students right, she is going all ooh-la-la in designer ensembles. Look at that Gucci dress and that formal orange-ish Moschino outfit – peachy teacher is all set to tell you cool style tales. And as Gauri Shinde rightly says in the video, her eyes are a mixture of a few drops of coffee and a cloud of milk. To that we will say…we couldn’t agree more!