Mere Dad Ki Maruti movie review: An enjoyable ride!

Director Ashima Chibber’s directorial venture starring Ram Kapoor, Saqib Saleem and Rhea Chakraborty in the lead roles is short, sweet and entertaining

First things first – Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a simple film with its heart at the right place. Debutante director Ashima Chibber gets full marks for keeping her tale crisp and precise. Set against the backdrop of a Punjabi wedding, this one revolves around a situation in which a young lad Sameer (Saqib Saleem of Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge fame) from the well-to-do Khullar family sneaks his father’s (a delightful Ram Kapoor) brand new Maruti car out to impress the new college hottie aka Shakira of Chandigarh aka Jazzleen (played by MTV VJ-turned-actor Rhea Chakraborty).

By an unfortunate twist of fate the car is stolen and Sameer is in big trouble as he can’t tell his cranky father the truth and neither can he afford to let the car go, because the vehicle is supposed to be his sister’s surprise wedding gift. Confused and helpless, Sameer has only two people he can turn to for help – his close buddy Gattu (a very promising Prabal Punjabi) and the love of his life, Jazzleen. Will Sameer get his car back, or will the three friends do some jugaad to get a new one instead? To get the answer to that one you have to watch the film.

The story is simple and the narrative flows with ease, which makes this predictable plot easy on the eye. The director has portrayed the tale with believable characters and realistic situations that are acceptable, real. The intelligent-one liners and the spicy Punjabi tadka are firmly in the perfect place that makes Mere Dad Ki Maruti a good watch. The fine screenplay, good writing and excellent editing make the subplot converge easily with the core subject. Sameer’s endeavour – in fact, every trick in the book that he tries to get the car back – involving cops, local mafia and the young lad’s innumerable predicaments  take just the right screen time. The drama flows with a pace that keeps you engaged, if not intrigued, and excited. Ashima keeps the comedy subtle and handles the project deftly without going overboard – not even in a single frame.

Ram – the enormous (in so many ways!) star of television – stands out once again with his portrayal of a cocky dad with a heart of gold. Saqib as the careless and irreverent Sameer gives a confident and commendable performance. Rhea has played her part well. But the character who is an absolute delight to watch is Prabal’s Gattu. His comic timing and expressiveness are impressive. Ravi Kissen as a bhai who is a car dealer adds an interesting dimension to the story. The music is good and the background score is in sync with the storyline. Main senti hoon and Punjabiyaan di battery are hummable.

All in all, Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a sweet, no-nonsense film that makes you smile and giggle in equal proportion with its amazing simplicity.

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

Reviewed by Prathamesh Jadhav

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** Average

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