MILEY NAA MILEY HUM movie review: Too predictable

MILEY NAA MILEY HUM movie review: Too predictable

This is a benign film, innocuous in its intentions and harmless if somewhat pointless too. There are absolutely no villains in the script. In fact some of the people populating the plot seem to belong to another planet in their goodness

There are some unexpected surprises in this sleeper rom-com, newcomer Chirag Paswan being one of them. In a tailor-made role that projects him as an ideal son, considerate boss, supportive friend and sensitive lover, Chirag doles out the schmaltz and the sweetness without tripping over his own goodness.

Dalip Tahil in a turban stops his spunky daughter (Neeru Bajwa)’s engagement when he gets to know his best friend Kabir Bedi nursed a secret desire to see his hon-haar son (Chirag) married to the almost-engaged girl. The hero is an angel in designer-disguise. He drives the best cars, wears the best sunglasses, romances a struggling model (Kangna Ranaut, struggling to shrug off her emotionally traumatised image) and yet sits with the staffers of his imperious father’s sprawling vineyard for a meal of roti and achaar.

The core idea of the film is to propagate a kind of picture-postcard bonhomie into the plot. The worst thing that happens in the hero’s life is that his parents are separated. But that’s hardly a deterrent for his life being a seriously satirical celebration of slow-motion joys that include romancing three ladies, two chosen by his respective parents and one chosen off a hoarding by Chirag himself. Kangna as the struggling model who keeps bumbling into hard surfaces (including hero) has an interesting believable part. She starts off being a casualty of her own ambitions and then gradually gets closer to her real emotions.

Nice touch, that one. The tennis backdrop, though never done with the professionalism that hockey achieved in Chak De (and never mind Sagarika Ghosh the actress who played one of the hockey players in Chak De, surfacing in Miley Naa Miley Hum as Chirag’s potential biwi). It’s all too pretty, too predictable and too soft and gentle to make a lasting impact. But the heart is the right place. And you can’t help smiling at the world that the film encompasses with such tender hands that don’t want to brush against any evil. Debutant Chirag Paswan is likeable when he isn’t caught out ‘acting’. He comes with the added burden of having to prove he isn’t just the brat with the golden spoon. He conducts himself with reasonable aplomb in a film that’s just a wee bit different from the boy-meets-girl routine.

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  • d.s.chaman

    Miley naa miley hum film with a very good story with three actresses and one actor .The theme is perfect.The acting for the first time is excellent. He knew well the limits of his acting. It is not the actor but the choreographer should have guided the appropriate cadence in relation to his acting partners .He appears he is a good dancer.He can be given more variety of films to improve his talents.He can win trophy or the best actor award. He did not do mistakes but did exactly what has been asked to do in the film.There are many other good directors and producers to make this young actor to show his best acting skills and talents. I have been to Wimbledon Tennis Championships three times ,each time I watched for 45 hours for fifteen days with celebrities. Power,precision,speed,tenacity,endurance,tactics, motivations, and a host of other attitudes and attributes have to be clearly shown in the games having the pandemonium effects on the spectators to the climax of excitement,thrills and emotions and not just how he has told to do on the film. The end should never end so abruptly.The director should have let the spectators welcome him to get his signatures.The acting of Poonam Dillion very impressive and Kabir Bedi was exceptionally good. They did their jobs and acting flawlessly. Well done! Hope to see more movies of you in the future :)