Milind Soman runs from Delhi to Mumbai

He started his journey on April 20. And now, after running close to 380 hours and covering more than 1,000 kilometers from Delhi’s Qutub Minar, Milind Soman is aiming to culminate his marathon in Mumbai on May 20

One look at Milind Soman and you feel envy. The 46-year-old’s sculpted facial features and an impossible to achieve lean physique makes him drool worthy. The deadly combo of great looks and Adonis like body makes Milind an unquestionable babe-magnet. Ask what his fitness mantra is and Milind can talk for hours about the benefits of running. And that’s what the Made In India boy is doing these days. Running!

Raising awareness about various environmental issues Milind started his run on April 20 in New Delhi and will finish on May 20 in Mumbai. Milind planned to run 60 kilometers every day and will cover the distance of 1500 km between the two major metro in a month’s time. So far he’s 948 km.

The model-turned-actor has participated in Greenathon, NDTV-Toyota’s collaborated initiative to address environmental issues and spread awareness about alternative sources of energy, wildlife conservation, restoring forests and many such pressing issues. Milind is joined by four more runners, who along the route are meeting school students, social workers and others who have worked towards the cause. We hope that youngsters will take a cue from Milind’s run and start doing their bit to save our environment.