Minissha Lamba gets threatening calls from overseas

The actor is hassled with anonymous calls from unknown numbers, but hasn’t reported the matter to the police

After her airport troubles, Minissha Lamba is facing a strange problem these days. She has been receiving threatening calls from an international number telling her to stay home. The Indian numbers that called her were more specific, with calls that originated from somewhere in or around Haryana, warning her, “Don’t attend the event in New York.”

Minissha was expected to be part of an Indo-American cultural event in New York on August 25. “The voice on it is distinctly Haryanvi and very menacing. ‘Tu agle hafte American jaane ka soch rahi hai? Tu nahin jayegi’, it said. When I asked, ‘Arrey baba, kyon nahin jaaongi?’ No answer!” Minnisha told the media.

The star of Kidnap, Well Done Abba and the soon-to-release Hum Tum Aur Shabana says that she isn’t afraid, but actually rather curious about why she would be threatened and why someone would want her not to attend a cultural event outside the country. Her main aim, she insists, is to get to the bottom of the matter. But if she really does want to know what this is all about, shouldn’t she be reporting it to the police instead of speaking to the media? We do understand that in celebdom any publicity is good publicity, but why take a risk, Minnisha! And after what happened when you returned to Mumbai from your visit to Cannes earlier this year, you do know the authorities pretty well, no?