Minissha Lamba runs into trouble at the airport, again!

The Hum Tum Shabana actor has another unpleasant experience at the Dubai International airport

We wonder what’s with Minissha Lamba and airports. Every time she travels in and out of country she seems to be landing into some kind of trouble. First time the Yahaan debutante actor ran into problems with the airport authorities was during the Cannes Film Festival. She was detained at the Chattrapati Shivaji International airport for carrying unclaimed jewellery worth Rs 50 lakh. Fortunately, she had help at hand and managed to get out of it easily. Now, the lady had to face unpleasant drama at Dubai International airport. According to the report Minissha was threatened to be deported and her passport was confiscated by an immigration officer. The actor revealed that the officer blew his top when she could not remember her hotel-booking details. She promptly called the person waiting for her outside the airport for the details and gave it to the officer. But that made it worse, the irked officer lost his cool and told Minissha to shut up or be prepared to be deported. He also snatched away her passport. Eventually a senior officer had to intervene to end the hullabaloo. However, Minissha isn’t going to take it lightly, she will take necessary action once she returns to aamchi Mumbai. Meanwhile we won’t be too surprised if Minissha gives up air travel altogether. She has never been a big fan of it due to the lengthy custom routines before and after boarding the flight. After these two episodes maybe she will prefer other modes of transport.

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