Minissha nabbed on the way back from Cannes

Minissha rocks…and rues it!

She managed to do a red carpet strut that got her better reviews than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s – no one called her ‘healthy’, ‘more curvy than usual’ or ‘substantial’, after all, even though her Gauri and Nainika gown earned her no raves. But life has not been fun and games for poor Minissha Lamba with her trip to Cannes for the film fest. She almost missed her cue to do her thing for the photogs when she walked that famous walk, her luggage went missing for a brief while and then, as the cherry on the cake of fame, she was nabbed by the customs officials at the international airport in Mumbai when she arrived back on home turf. Why? It seems that Ms Lamba made a boo-boo by not declaring the shinies; she had been lent jewels worth about Rs50 lakhs by a well known store but had forgotten to take the necessary papers with her and hand them over to customs when she left, so when she came back, she almost got arrested. Luckily for our heroine, help was at hand and both the store and her family got into action and made sure the papers were handed over and a stint in the cooler was avoided. At least now Minissha has a new experience to talk about and perhaps to use in her next film. But, wait….was she ever kidnapped?

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