Posted Thu, May 22, 2014 5:00pm IST

The next celebrity guest on Colors’ new reality show will be seen selling nimbu-mirchi

Drashti Dhami became a household name ever since she soared to great heights with her daily soaps – Geet Huyi Sabse Parayi and Madhuala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.

The actor has now taken time out of her busy schedule to financially help the visually challenged nimbu-mirchi seller, Kusum Dhamne.

In this weekend’s Mission Sapne episode, Drashti Dhami will be at the Goregaon traffic signal, selling nimbu-mirchis. The actor who impressed us with her stellar performances, starts off her journey by learning how to put lemon and green chilies together. She then tries to understand the concept behind putting seven chilies on one string, and the omen of luck and prosperity it brings. So does Drashti personally believe in these superstitions?

It seems this is one superstition that our heroine completely believes in and follows it diligently too. The actor claims that nimbu-mirchi has brought stability and ease to her life. Apparently, when Drashti’s car met with an accident, her mother instructed her to hang lemon and chillies in the car to ward off evil. Ever since Drashti hung the nimbu-mirchi in her vehicle, she has never met with an accident.

Guess Drashti has a personal and special connection with this one, no?