Mohit Raina: It is difficult for male artists to get central roles on TV

Mohit Raina: It is difficult for male artists to get central roles on TV
Yogen Shah

Mohit Raina describes television as a female dominated space and says it is difficult for male artists to get central roles. He considers himself lucky to play the lead role of Lord Shiva in Devon ka Dev… Mahadev.

He refers to his character in the show as larger than life and calls it a lifetime opportunity.

“TV being a female dominated industry, you don’t get to play a lot of central roles. The story of Lord Shiva is there and will go on and on. It is a larger than life character and the platform is huge,” said Mohit.

“As an actor, you don’t get much choice in TV. I was lucky to get this. I have played 25-30 characters in the show. You have to be lucky to be able to play so many characters,” he added.

Althoug his popularity has soared after his stint as Lord Shiva on the show, Mohit feels stardom in movies is a different thing. “Films is a different world all together. People watch you for three hours and you become a brand for them. In TV, you are close to their hearts everyday. In films, they might forget you in three weeks. They might see you in ads and commercials. In TV, you don’t give them a chance to forget you. But yes, the film industry is a bigger platform,” he said.

Talking about Mahadev, Raina said he never anticipated to get the amount of love that he has received. “When we started the project, we never thought we will get so much appreciation and love. As an actor, you only look for love, and it has come in abundance. When I started, I never thought that it would be accepted in such a way. I am just short of words,” he said.Subscribe to me on YouTube


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