Mohnish Behl: I have done rape scenes throughout my career

Mohnish Behl: I have done rape scenes throughout my career

Popularly known as Dr Ashutosh and elder brother to Salman Khan, Mohnish Behl is all set to start work on the reality show, Savdhan India on Life OK

Suave, charming, articulate and one of the most popular baddies of Hindi cinema, Mohnish Behl tells us why he quit Kuch Toh Loh Kahenge, and what he thinks about his replacement Sharad Kelkar and his relationship with the Dabangg actor.

Why did you leave Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (KTLK)?

KTLK is a wonderful show and has a phenomenal script by Kamlesh Pandey. I quit mainly because the shoot location was about two and half hour away from home, and the long hours began to take a toll on my health. Prior to the executed contract, we had very clear terms and conditions that I would be available for 13 to 15 days in a month and shoot for only 12 hours in a day. Of course, there are times when one extends the time frame to complete the episode – that’s the nature of the game. But eventually we would end of up shooting for 16 hours every day and 12-14 days became 18-20 days. I am 51 years old; I have to take it easy.

How did your fans react to your decision of quitting Kuch Toh Log Kahenge? Many of the BollywoodLife readers went crazy requesting for you to come back…

My facebook was abuzz with a lot of activity and comments. But this was in the planning stages for more than a month and half.

There were rumours that you quit because you were too uncomfortable about get intimate with Kritika Kamra (Dr Nidhi). Is there any truth in that?

There were a lot of rumours flying around at that time – like I was apparently uncomfortable getting romantic with Kritika and that I was throwing too many tantrums. But getting to the fact of the matter, what is so uncomfortable about doing an intimate scene for an actor who has done rape scenes throughout his career! And subsequent to my exit, what happened to the intimate scenes? That kind of shuts the door on that argument. I saw the show for two to three weeks after I left as it is very close to my heart. KTLK is a clean show and there was never any requirement for any intimacy.

As for the tantrum allegations, frankly, no actor could survive for thirty years in this industry if he or she throws starry tantrums. Everyone just negated our story. Sony and we put out that health was the real issue behind the change, but people just didn’t want to believe.

Your replacement Sharad Kelkar – how do you think he’s doing?

Honestly, I don’t think it will be politically correct to pass any comment on Sharad’s performance. Whatever I say will be misconstrued. Even if I say, ‘No Comments’, it can be misconstrued. I have worked with Sharad before – he is a wonderful person with a good personality. I am sure he is doing a good job, and if Sony has selected him, it gives him the right credentials.

What prompted you to take up Savdhan India?

I have been associated with Star for a very long time. When they thought I was capable of hosting such an important show I just couldn’t refuse. I say important because the show is based on true stories of injustice that have happened to people who fought back for justice; that’s an important story to be told. Being an actor, I think this is my way of being part of a greater course. So when an opportunity like that came in the realm of my capabilities, I felt pretty honoured that Star chose me.

How did the offer come to you?

People I’ve worked with before in Star called me with the offer, and I’m always available for them. Everything was discussed and sorted in two minutes. After working with the company for so many years, it’s like home ground now.

Which story in Savdhan India touched you the most?

I have shot for only one episode so far. I will be back on the sets for the next episode as and when the scripts are ready. Every story is unique and touching. As an actor you tend to put life into a fictional character to make the audience believe. But here I had to keep reminding myself that these characters are very much real and I must not associate too much with them as a host, can’t let the emotions show on my face as the sutradhar. It’s unbelievable what people have gone through, and you learn to count your blessings for not being subjected to such things.

Sony TV also has a similar show, Crime Patrol…have you seen it?

Yes, of course! The show is doing very well. Anoop (Soni) and I know each other personally. However, I’m not sure if we’ve ever worked together. He had a flat in my in-laws’ building, so we often met. He is doing a wonderful job on the show.

Did you get offers from Sony to be part of Crime Patrol?

Nothing came from Sony TV. And frankly it never crossed my mind either that I would want to do a show like this. I don’t look at my career like that. I have always kept my doors open to whatever comes my way. Once I get the offer, I assess, pick and choose. I don’t think it’s the call of an actor to decide what he wants to be a part of, unless the options come to him. It never occurred to me that I wanted to do this until Sony offered me the part.

You expressed a desire to work with Salman Khan in a Rajshri film again. Would it be possible to recreate the old chemistry?

Yes, it would be wonderful to work with Salman, but there is nothing in the pipeline as yet. Salman and I share great chemistry off screen and it does get interpreted on screen too. If we work together, I am sure it will come across. But it’s the director and the production house’s call to put the whole thing together.

Has Rajshri offered you the role so far?

No there are no talks of it now, nor do I have any information about their new project. I think it was the anticipation of the journalist who spoke to me a few days back.

Have you considered going back to doing negative roles?

It’s not like I have not thought of it, but lately only positive characters are coming my way. I would do a negative, serious or comedy role as long as it motivates me. I haven’t shut my doors to anything.

What according to you would be a challenging role at this juncture of your career?

A role is challenging only when it is badly written. And no, I am not telling you which roles have been challenging for me so far.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Nisha

    Looking forward to another Rajshri production with Salman and Mohnish :) HAHK and HSSH are still firm favourites.

  • mamta swaika

    As forthright and articulate as always ..Mohnish Bahl rocks !!!

  • Vafia

    Hope so you get to work with Rajshri production soon, and we shall get to watch you in major part and a remarkable performance.

  • tanjabati

    The interview is typical of MB, the man is not only dashing and good-looking he is intelligent, articulate, sophisticited and sincere. In a dog eat dog world of the film and TV industry, it is so refreshing to hear someone talk like MB. ( a perfect gentleman, unlike his portrayal of a baddie in movies).Only Big B could have spoken like this.
    Great to see you again MB. keeping my fingers crossed that you find a meaty, positive role in a Rajashri movie with Salman.
    Will be a treat to watch.

    • Dr.Mrs.K.sankarnarayan

      Yes. I fully agree with this comment. We all wish that Mr.Monish gets a meaty role to enhance his in born talent.

  • swarupa

    MB sir is real best actor in industry. MB sir we really love u see again with Rajshri production and Salman

  • Ejovwoke Avaboruo

    the bollywood indulge in sex acting film it is very bad

  • Dr.Mrs.K.sankarnarayan

    What happened? Of ate we don’t see you in the episode of Savdhan India. Has Manoj Vajpe(?) replaced you? Please do not be idle. We, who have been seeing all your old episode and movies like Astitva, Sath Sath etc, want you to get back to exhibit your talent.
    Wishing you and your family all the best

  • Prof.Mrs.K.Sankarnarayan

    Dear Monish, Just now I saw a comment about Kahani Ghar Ghar ki from which serial also You have waked out half way though. Why are you doing so when you have such a talent and when you choose the role and committed to a serial, don’t you think you have to stand by it? I do understand when you left half way in KTLK. Since I still watch Sanjivani ( Youtube) mainly for you and Dr.Smriti. Looking forward to see you in latest Rashri Production along with Salman.
    Of course every individual has their priority to choose to give it up, but it should not happen quite often. I wish you and yours the very best in your professional life as well in your family . Look fowarad to you in a good role again
    with best wishes

  • Manel KandanearatchiI

    I started watching
    sawadhan India because of Mohnish but he is not there now why we are dissapointed, I got his life ok chanel extra.

  • ayush

    MB sir….hats off….u r such a grt actor……i watched ktlk… it pleased me very much ……….it was grt disshearting hearing of u leaving the show……
    since then….i stopped watching ktlk ……as it shows no interest without u……..
    btw….congratulations for ur future……..hope u would act in the 2nd season…of ktlk……wanted by heart to see u again in ktlk……with the beautiful kritika……..plzzz…sir its a req…

  • mansi gupta

    So what mohnish if u r 50+..Bollywood mei anil kapoor, sanjay dutt jaise kai actor h jo 50+ h..fir b accha kaam kr rhe h..aapne ye show chhorkr apnr fans ko bahut jyada upset kia plz mohnish come back with krtika in ktlk sesaon 2..please!