Mother’s Day special: Priyanka Chopra writes an emotional letter for her mom!

Mother’s Day special: Priyanka Chopra writes an emotional letter for her mom!

It’s that time of the year when children acknowledge all the love and affection given to them by their beloved mommies

Priyannka Chopra writes a very emotional letter for her mom Madhu Chopra on Mother’s Day. Here is what she has to say to her dearest mommy…

Dear Mom…

Mother’s Day is a day that’s very special for me…

As dad was my weakness, you mom, are my strength. For me you are the ultimate achiever – in fact you are an over-achiever. You can do so many things at the same time… You are not just a doctor, you speak seven languages, you are a pilot and also our mother… I wish I could be even a little bit like you. You are a complete woman – well-educated, well-spoken, elegant and stylish – what every woman should be. You are the only woman I look up to be and I hope that at I can be as you when I am your age.

You know mom, we never have anything planned for Mother’s Day because of our busy schedules. We both end up spending time together – a time that is precious because we both are working women. It’s not what we do or how long we end up spending time together but the catching-up time together that is very precious to us.

I have been always a daddy’s girl but I am your girl too… You are my go-to person and my best friend whom I can tell and talk to about anything. We are like a gang of girls who talk about everything. You know everything that’s happening in my life. I was daddy’s little girl but you are my best friend – someone I consult on everything – from what to do about something to what do I wear and what do I need…

I have learned many things from you mom, but the two very important things that I have learned from you and remain engraved in my heart is self-respect and the courage of conviction. You have always told me that whatever I do — good, bad or ugly and wrong or right — I should have the courage to stand up for it. Hiding or denying things are not options. I have always been a very private person but you have taught me that it takes tremendous courage taking a strong decision and to stand by your convictions.

You know that we are very different people and perhaps that’s why we get along so well. I am a Cancerian while you are a Gemini. I love the fact that you are always so calm and composed. I’m just the opposite. I am like a tornado. You are someone who loves meeting and interacting with people, going out on holidays, discovering the city you travel while I like to stay in bed and order room service. I love your enthusiasm and love for life. Our being so different enthuses our life with the other side.

Wherever you are, you are always in my heart and I will never stop mothering you or ‘grandmothering’ you as you call it… You call me grandmother because for me you are like my six-year-old child and you are always telling me to chill and not worry but what to do? Where you and my loved ones are concerned I have always been and will be a worry wart… I am very afraid of losing my loved ones… Of course I know that I can’t mother you too much as being an independent woman you would kill me!

We talk every day on the phone whether I am in town or not. I have never lived without you and dad. You know mom, my day is not complete without informing you what’s going on. You work as well so you can’t always travel with me but wherever I can, I love to have you with me… It’s great fun being with you… The last few years have been very difficult for all of us as a family… Dad had been ill for very long and you were his caretaker, companion and friend… Today as a family, sticking together has helped us deal with it all…

Now that Siddharth (Priyanka’s brother) has got engaged, soon you will become a mom-in-law. I think you will make a wonderful mother-in-law. You are so excited and have been buying stuff for Kanika (Siddharth’s fiancee). You are a very loving person and all my family and all the kids in our family love you! We are a very close-knit family and you are everyone’s favorite because you are so cool. I love the fact that you love kids and wants a whole house full of children crawling all over the place… I am also like that…

This time on Mother’s Day I thought what could be really special that I can give you… You are a very khuddar (self-respecting) person but I know you love gifts. We always shop for each other whenever we travel and anyways I don’t get time to shop so you pick up stuff for me. But this time on Mother’s Day I got you a personally-signed guitar from rockstar Bruce Springstein because you love his music! I know you love meeting him and you went to his concert. I hope you like it maa… Whatever I have learned in music is from you and dad… I have been influenced in Western by you and classical by dad…

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  • Shakuntela

    Bless her. Very sweet

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    Blah blah blah. Go say this personally to her instead of trying to get attention!

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      Do u have a problem, we fans love to hear all this as Peecee rocks

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    Why is this on a public eye, when she’s such a “private” person? Just write a damn letter to your mother, and sent it privately. Not on a public forum.

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      Its her choice as she likes to keep her personal life to herself n other things or her parents love she can talk about so hater take a chill pil

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    Love her so much

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    Awesome PC