Mrunal Jain: I am NOT getting engaged on Saturday!

The brawny actor always intended to have an arranged marriage fixed by his parents and it seems things in that direction are just beginning to look bright for the dude

We heard rumours that Uttaran actor Mrunal Jain was all set to get engaged on Saturday, April 13. Wanting to know more, we called up the actor to get more details on his new alliance. And he was most indignant, saying, “I am NOT getting engaged on Saturday! In fact, I am shooting on that day. If you don’t believe me, come on the sets and check!” Oh… okay. We believe you!

So there’s really no truth to the story? “Well…not entirely. I have met a girl. She’s not from the industry, but things have just begun. We have not even discussed any engagement plans yet. So nothing of that sort is happening yet,” said Mrunal. Awww… well we are glad Vishnu aka Mrunal has at least met the woman of his dreams.

We hope the gal is everything he ever wanted. The simple and understanding type of lady he talked of in an interview. “I am looking for someone simple and understanding. If that is sorted, then everything else will fall in place – obviously that won’t happen overnight. It’s a partnership, after all, and I am ready to do my bit. With a little time into it, I will eventually fall in love too.”

We wish the Mrunal all the best for his new found love…and hope it leads to more. Congratulations, dude!