MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan TV review: Veebha Anand, Ayaz Ahmed and Charlie Chauhan give us a thanda start-off!

MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan TV review: Veebha Anand, Ayaz Ahmed and Charlie Chauhan give us a thanda start-off!

The premiere of this youth based show didn’t succeed in creating the much awaited impact

Along with the on going saga of daily saas-bahu soaps, youth based shows like MTV Webbed, Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi etc are slowly gaining popularity as well. The latest one to join the list is Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan starring Splitsvilla 7 male celebrity Ayaz Ahmed along with Veebha Anand,Charlie Chauhan, Parth Samthaan and Krissann Barretto .The show saw its premiere today. Though we expected the first episode to be a a memorable one, it instead turned out to be a let down. We give you our take on why we found the start-off of the show, a tad bit “thanda” in its true sense:

What its about

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is a youth based show which showcases the essence of relationships based on love and friendship. Meet Nandini Moorthy (Niti Taylor), a simple girl from a Telugu family who decides to go to Mumbai to get her brother Rishabh treated as he suffers from a psychological condition. Passionate about science, her aim is to get enrolled into the best college in the city. She seeks admission in a college which has a culture completely different from hers and finds it hard to fit into the crowd. She has a fascination with fireflies and likes to collect them in a jar!

What’s hot 

The concept of the show is appealing and refreshing. The core of the show lies in highlighting the importance of friendship along with other relationships be it a romantic one, a family one, a student teacher one and others. There lies an underlying mystery to the plot which binds the parallel storylines together. The good part about the show is that the mystery still remains intact and hasn’t been revealed in the first episode right away, which makes the viewer look forward to the next episode.

What’s not 

Nandidni and her fireflies: In the episode, she was seen attempting to get the fireflies filled jar past the security at the airport, but was denied permission to do so. What could be described as an amateur chase sequence, followed the scene, where Nandini for some unexplained reason was running about the airport with the jar in her hand. What made it worse was the lack of a definite ending to the chase. Apart from the fireflies, another aspect which turned out to be a snooze fest was her equation with her mother. With long and draggy sequences to repeated dialogues, the chemistry between the mother and daughter seemed forced instead of convincing and pleasant.

The “out of nowhere” effect : The entire episode seemed to be showcasing scenes which were literally popping “out of nowhere,” hence the subhead. Where one scene showed Nandini having a conversation with her mother, the next saw a college boy going berserk in his locked room, breaking things in the process with his door repeatedly being knocked on by his best worried best friend and mother. In another incident, a boy and girl were seen getting cosy under the night lit sky and the next minute we saw Nandini appearing on the screen again.There seemed a lack of finality to every scene. With no definite beginnings or endings, every sequence came across as abrupt and unfinished. A better hand at editing could have done the trick, where the flow and switch from one parallel plot to another would seem smoother, hence more effective.

Love at first sight…not : It so happens that certain people consider the whole concept of “love at first sight” utter gibberish. But what happens when one experiences a connection without looking at the person at all? Enter, Nandini. The episode saw a scene where the jar of fireflies slipped out of her hand and is caught in time by a hunk with a leather jacket(character not revealed) who happened to be passing by. Where usually one would see two people making a prolonged eye contact or rather exchanging a quick look after such an incident, Nandini and the ‘leather jacket hunk’ not so much as acknowledged each other’s presence. Where Nandidni seemed smitten by the kind lad’s gesture and looked on as he walked by, he on the other hand literally, just walked by. The entire sequence came across as inappropriate with no definite chemistry or moments to make it appealing or special.

What to do 

Well, even though the first episode may not have earned the delicious brownie points we had hoped it would, it is just the beginning. We advise you to stick around and wait for the rest.With an underlying mystery to back up the plot, the show might just turn out to be a fun saga.  The central characters of the show are yet to be revealed in their true form. What will they be like? Let us wait and watch!

Rating: 2.0 out of 52.0 Star Rating

Reviewed by Rukmini Chopra

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • aleena

    Its similar to the storyline of the japanese manga hana yori dango or a more known korean drama version ‘boys over flowers’

  • jun pyo

    yes i agree it surely seems like boys over flower specially the suicide one
    of that boy………………..
    maybe fab5 is f4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SideyesU

    Disgusting. They’re copying Japanese/Korean dramas now.

    • Rahil

      Wht copying ! U dnt copy celebritiez fashion & all ?

      • Guest

        Omg i just luv the chemestry between manik n nandu they luk awesome…..n druv too

        • asra Fatima

          I smply luv manik nd nandini,they luk perfect couple together.luv them

          • vava

            Manik and nandini together suprb..and so sweet…i lov manik..he is do cool…and smart

  • Gaurav Ghosal

    nice show nd fav5 u rock with ur acting skills nd last ayaz love u bro………..

  • pooja

    Copyyyyy……….. but I’m enjoying…..

  • alisha

    i luv u manik <3<3

  • Shivi

    Its based on Boys before flowers!! nd d pairing of dhruv and nandini is awesome..dey shud b a couple

    • Ayantika

      U r absolutely right. THEY luk soooooo cute 2gthr. And Dhruv he is so very very sweet….

  • merosha

    i luv u manik. you are so beautiful and nandhu is good patner. your hairstyle is beatiful manik malhotraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………..

  • drashti vivian

    in loveee wd ds show :) d chemistry of d leads manik, nandini is damnnnnnnn spell bounding,,, lovinggg ittt,,cant get enough of it ,<3

  • anjali gupta

    popular show ever.. everyone is fab specially NANDANI u r luks Awsm alwys.

  • Pinky Roy

    i love this show, specially manik and nandini

  • jacky aky

    Its like awesome…luv dis show….yaa dey r copying frm korean drama popularly known as boys over flowers bt dis showw really rocks…really awesome specially MANIK …..

  • Soumy

    The whole cast is tremendous …….love the chemistry of all characters….storyline is superb…..the best romantic show after ipkknd and DMG……

  • Proud Indian

    Reading this article so late! This is a review(of first episode)..Like seriously? Clearly you have gotten some facts wrong! Difficulty in seeing or hearing? Sorry! The girl Nandini comes from Mangalore(Karnataka) clearly written on screen & the switching b/w scenes happened(Mangalore & Mumbai) indicating how the destiny would bind them together in the future. The connection shown was nicely done. Was it that hard to understand?
    The woman Nandini has some talks with is not her Mother it’s her Grandmother! The girls’ parents are dead(again cleared in the first ep itself).
    The first episode of the series is one of my personal favourites so far! The airport thing not shown an end is not a big deal! You wanted to see Nandini being interrogated for that? C’mon it gets boring when stretched! This was good how they tried to cover a few things that arises curiosity among audience in the first episode itself! I personally saw chemistry in the last scene b/w the main leads! The fireflies thing can be called creative liberty. The actors’ names you mentioned in the title weren’t even introduced in the first episode! Honestly this was not a review of fiction/love story Rukmini Chopra. Such a critical take! LOL
    That said, yes it had bloopers but not that bad! It was only the first episode!
    Anyway I’m happy the show is doing well now! :)

  • elsa

    the show is the best one in the country.
    no denying that!
    this is how the future of the youth of india should exactly be!

  • husaina

    Haha! OMG reading this article almost after 6 months of the show & it has stood on number one position since then! Its amazing,no matter what! Loving every characters’ story & the way makers are binding them together. Especially Ayaz aka Cabir’s character & his new blooming friendship with Navya! Hope it turns out he is bisexual,that will be great, they’d look superb as a couple :D Also MaNan~They are just awesomesauce! Hats off to the makers & the actors! Best youth show ever!