Posted Sat, July 12, 2014 9:16pm IST

The hottie was seen rooting for the celebrity boys while they performed a tedious task

With a pinch of drama, fun, love, breakups and tragedy, MTV Splitsvilla 7 is turning out to be quite a tasty recipe indeed.

The season which initially witnessed a slow beginning, has recently picked up its pace and is proving to be an entertaining saga. Today’s episode saw a task which tested the strength of the celebrity boys followed by a challenge which consisted of not arrows or swords but balloons! Read on to know our take on the good and bad highlights of tonight’s show:

The Good

The Matka challenge

Each celebrity boy was assigned an opportunity to choose a partner for this particular task which involved the female contestants filling a matka with water and carrying the same while placed on the shoulders of their male partners who were given the responsibility to make them reach the finishing line. This particular challenge could be termed as painful yet entertaining where Ashwani and Mayank were seen making a blunder of the task by dropping their partners Jacqueline and Sanjana. Ouch! But the situation was saved by none other than the sexy siren and host of the show Sunny Leone who was seen cheering loudly for the boys and kept pushing them to complete the task. Well Sunny, aren’t you just the perfect woman for every man!

The “awesome threesome”

In this challenge, each male celebrity partner was assigned the deed to choose two female partners for the task which involved the threesome to carry a balloon from the beginning to the finishing line without using their hands. The act was funny and light hearted, which added a tinge of variety to the already strenuous daredevil acts that were being carried out. Ayaz Ahmed emerged as the winner along with partners Unnati and Priyanka.

The Bad

Kiss ka kissa

Looks like contestants Jacqueline and Heena can’t stand the closeness between Ashwani and Sanjana. The two were seen pointing fingers at the pair’s kissing incident for no rhyme or reason. The situation was bought under control by the host Nikhil Chinapa who clarified the issue stating that the Heena and Jacquline had no business to raise the issue and blow it out of proportion whatsoever.Well done Nikhil!

Scarlett, frankly my dear Ashwani doesn’t give a damn

We all love a love triangle don’t we? Enter Scarlett, Sanjana and Ashwani, a trio pretty much love-struck at the moment. To be precise, its is a typical Kuch Kuch Hota Hai situation where Scarlett loves Ashwani, who is in love with Sanjana. Ashwani was seen choosing Sanjana as his partner whom he would like to win Splitsvilla season 7 with. We expected Scarlett to let things go and get back in the game but instead the hottie was seen stating that if Ashwani insists on leaving the show, she would leave with him.  We believe Scarlett has forgotten about the rest of the male celebrity boys in the show. If she continues to make such statements, she won’t go any further in the game. We know you are heart broken Scarlett, but buck up and go get that throne!

Do you agree with our critique? Post your thoughts below and tell us how you liked the episode!