MTV Splitsvilla 7: Sunny Leone should take a lesson in being upfront from sexy Sana Saeed

The sexy siren reviews the latest episode of the popular reality show and she is way more naughty than nice

Sunny Leone should probably take tuitions on how to be blunt from sexy Sana Saeed. We mean, look at how Sana unabashedly dissects every MTV Splitsvilla 7 episode omitting all niceties.

Honestly once in a while we would like to see our sultry belle Sunny too call spade a spade on occasions when she prefers to just stand by her co-host Nikhil Chinapa and just be so darn sweet!

As the show is progressing along with the bonds getting deeper the fights and differences are getting more aggressive too. Rishabh is at his cunning best and the male celeb contestants are not pleased by his antics!

Well, for a more detailed review of the latest episode, watch the video here!