My Name Is Ranveer Ching song: Ranveer Singh’s latest number fails to create the Do The Rex effect- watch video!

Thu, August 14, 2014 8:40am IST by
My Name Is Ranveer Ching song: Ranveer Singh’s latest number fails to create the Do The Rex effect- watch video!

The Dil Dhadakne Do star has come up with a new song which fails to impress. Read on to know why….

Ranveer Singh’s song Do The Rex which promoted a contraceptive brand, had created waves in the nation with it’s appealing concept and daring filmography. The Kill Dil actor has now come up with the latest number which promotes a Chinese food brand. The much awaited “Manchow Rap” as it is popularly known unfortunately failed to created the Do The Rex effect. Here are three reasons why:

An unappealing tune

The melody and the tune of the song aren’t pleasant enough. The song on the whole cannot be termed as catchy, when compared to Do The Rex which had an upbeat feel to it followed by hilarious lyrics. The wordings of the song on the other hand come across as forced and slightly immature.

A monotonous video

The video of the song could have been filmed better. Though Ranveer’s moves leave the viewer entertained, one tends to look forward to something more as the scenes of the song are filmed in one set location with nothing else to add to the frame. Thus the dance sequences come across as monotonous and boring.

A drab Manchow Rap

The rapping section in the song lacks a certain zing and zest to it. The lyrics have been put together in a sequence which is being sung by Ranveer rather than being “rapped” as such. Where Do The Rex left the listener in splits with its hilarious puns, My Name Is Ranveer Ching fails to have the same effect. Watch the video to know what we mean!

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  • J


  • Mrsbale113

    How much did they pay you to write such a bullsh***? I don’t know if you’re deaf, blind or both but the buzz this ad created even days before its release shows how much ppl were impressed by just knowing there’s a new one coming from Ranveer Singh. The dance moves are entertaining, Arijits voice is on point, Ranveer’s rap is funny n the only immature thing are people like you who bash other people’s hard work n spread hate, negativity n fake news!

    • Raaka LoveLiving

      Completely agree with you. Condom ad was different thing… that was a taboo and naturally people were curious to just checkout how it will be handled in the ad…. This is a food brand…still generated this much excitement..Appoint reporters who have some basic knowledge about marketing and social media..

    • Sunny

      Good job jenni

  • Raaka LoveLiving

    Durex ad was cool and fun… Ching’s ad is hot and spicy… Both are at 2 different levels… 2 entirely different products…2 entirely different treatment…2 entirely different settings…. The only common thing is Ranveer Singh. How can to say one is better than the other? Both are equally smashing..

  • reetika

    urghh! again a crap article we fans loved it it was Jhakassssss!! durex was about creating awareness about protection n this is about promoting a food brand the Rap was rapchikk and the song is catchy we toh liked it “Chaukka laga ke oh darling rakh le zara chakk le zara my name is RANVEER CHINGGGG

  • zen

    This song is racially insensitive. Not that in India anyone would care about it. I mean we are the most racially discriminating society anyways.. fair & lovely anyone ? Btw. in our cities women cannot walk around wearing Indian clothes without being molested, so I guess skimpily clad girls are for cheap thrills bollywood way. Was this rap ? Really ? Jay Z is rap ! Eminem is rap ! Please give this a bollywood name ..

  • Beea Syed