Na Bole Tum… Nor Did I Say Anything

Television serials have names that just defy the imagination in Hindi and even more so in English

The next time you take a day off work to just sit at home and watch all your favourite shows, you may want to take another look at their titles. Most of them are long, but the best part is that they are hilarious in Hindi, and ridiculously funny in English! Don’t believe us? Read on…
Geet… Hui Sabse Parayi
Geet…Became Estranged from Everybody
(Then who are those people she talked to on the show? Apart from herself, of course, whom she had long chats with every now and then.)

Maryaada.. Lekin Kab Tak?
Boundary… but Till When?
(Ummm… shouldn’t it be ‘where’?)

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha
Neither Did You Speak… Nor Did I Say Anything
(Then who said the title? And is it a silent serial? Mime, perhaps?)

Mann Ki Awaaz… Pratigya
Voice of the mind… Vow
(Truly, too convoluted to comment)

Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli
Here I Played House House
(There you played what?)