Nach Baliye 5: Kunwar Amar and Charlie voted out!

Nach Baliye 5: Kunwar Amar and Charlie voted out!

Guess the lady’s lack of confidence spelled doom for this jodi

Last week, we saw the judges of Nach Baliye 5Shilpa Shetty, Sajid Khan and Terence Lewis – advice Charlie to dance with confidence. According to them, even though Kunwar Amar was dancing superbly, the impact of their performance was marred because Charlie seemed to be trying too hard to do all the steps correctly. We agreed.

And guess the audience’s opinion too is the same. And so, even after repeated warnings when Charlie failed to dance with the much-needed grace, the viewers decided to vote the jodi out. Yup, Kunwar Amar and Charlie will be eliminated in the upcoming episode.

But while on this topic, we ask you, readers – do you think this couple deserved one more chance?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Niha Parveen

    Yes, I think Charmar deserved another chance…they were not voted out they were kicked out by Sajid Khan! This is from all the fans of Charmar-We hate Sajid Khan for everything he did!Feel like slapping his stupid face!

    • bhavika basavaraj

      plzzzz gve dem a chance..plzz…amar deserevz it..n yea becoz of one prsn d other cnt jst suffer so plz…amarz a superb dancer…u ppl shld gve dem an another chance..plzz:(

  • Jayati Jain

    Yes dey do deserve chance . Charlie is trying hard so much and the audience has not voted them out Mr.Sajid khan and starplus has played games against this Jodhi and voted them out. How come the previous week they were on No 1 position and suddenly dey got eliminated . Wat the crap u guys are telling us . We know how much we voted for Kunwar Amarjeet Singh. Sajid khan has to pay for this Injustice and seriously want to slap his stupid face.

  • meghshree

    they should get one chance

    • meghshree

      i agree with jayati how could they get eliminated when they were on 1 position and i know they are supported by youngsters and too love their dance in this show and i think they have won nb5

  • ujla saini

    yeah this couple needs a single chance …….

  • ujla saini

    agree wid jayati jain ………..

  • Preethal

    They have been in first position consistently for so many episodes and suddenly how can they be eliminated uh……..

    they truly deserve a second chance like parag and shefali….

  • ayush

    they shud always gve a chnce othrwise it wil be unfair for amar

  • prit

    ofcourse they deserve 1 more chance…in this programe 1 partner of each jodi is an non dancer n i think charlie is 1 of thm n she was doing vry gud..n i cn say she was doing better thn others she knws tht she is non dancer bt even tht she tried hip hop style..
    they are d winners they cn’t be eliminated before finals..
    judges are doing partiality specaily d one who give importance to entertainment…they want tht neelu n arvind should win tht contest bt amar n charlie are BEST…

  • Sneha

    Yes ,give a one’s chance to charmar plezzz….·

  • pnl

    ya ……..they deserved chance…..agar ye jodi kisi aur din eliminate hoti to shayad fans r accept that,,,but we all know that this time highest vote given to charmar..fir bhi elimination not fair…

  • poo

    i dont think so…..all the jodi’s are good….afterall its a game….only one can win….
    that too its nach baliye….so obviously both are responsible…..its luck after all

  • D3er

    Yes!! Ofcourse they do. Amar dances superbly and even Charlie was trying hard. I know if given a chance they will rock. Plzzz give them one more chance.

  • fairosh

    dey do deserv anothr chance.. Last week dey wr d top jodi.. N dis week sudenly eliminatd n sayng dt dey r nt deservng to b in d show.. Wht nonsense.. Dis s sersly rubbish.. Dey shud another chance..

  • shreya

    yeah offcourse dey do deserve plz gve dem one chance atleast one lst chance…. atleast seein amar i guess dey should…

  • Helly

    Yes, off course..they deserve it
    Please give them one chance.aur waise bhi charmar ko vote jyada milte hai toh definitely sabko pata hai wo log aise nahi nikl sakte…Plz give them one chance..

  • Mehrul

    Thank God they are out!! Amar is a great dancer but Charlie can’t match up to him. She always misses her moves and she’s kinda boring. I think Shefali and Parag should be given another chance.

  • kiara


  • Tenzing

    Not really because she would always cry but I feel bad for her

  • snigdha

    Yes…a chance shud be given becoz if the elimination is done it would affect to both Amar n Charlie not Charlie alone. What was Amar’s fault, he did work hard since the day one.

  • Reyaansh

    They deserve one more chance because they do great perofmance many time and many time the are on top 2 jodi.
    For me yeah they deserve.

  • shweta

    firstly dey arent voted out….!!!
    Dey wer removed for reasons best known to starplus……
    if reality shows r gonna b scripted….derz no use watching it….as only d channel faces win…
    charmar had d chance…but sp stole it….!!!!

  • Reyaansh

    Yeah they deserve 1 more chance.
    They gave bad perfomance not totally bad but they gave many great perfomance more than bad perfomance
    so they deserve 1 chance.

  • Vritik

    Yaa they deserve chance .they are no 1 position so many time they elemineted sudden i think it’s unfair with them they truly deserve chance.

  • Kirten

    Yeah they deserve.
    Charlie and amar deserve 1 more chance. They gave best perfomance so many time and they get less vote i don’t think so. SP reality show are script..

  • sana khatri

    Yes they deserve a chance. And we audience did not vote him out. They got the higest votes, go check the nach app it say amar and Charlie should be save but they are out. This is complete cheating. I dnt accept this.

  • Neha

    yes! They deserve a chance.

  • akanksha dhand

    we voted thm out…haah..r u kidding me…..its all scripted stuff…dey desrve a chance…..

  • priyabiju

    Yes !! Def #charmar deserves one more chance.

  • Rajeev Kumar

    WOW GORGEOUS ” nach baliye”


      yes Rajeev really nice dress…..aja nach baliye..u are also fashion designer student in PRATAP UNIVERSITY JAIPUR RAJASTHAN…

  • kavya

    yes dey deserve a chance. Dey got the highest votes n sajid eliminated dem cuz of his personal problems! Its really not done. we want our charmar Back! :(

  • Anushka Mathur

    They should nt b eliminatd or Starplus, Nach Baliye 5 n Sajid Khan will hve 2 pay fr it!!!!!!!!

  • Shradha

    We voted lyk never before still charmar get eliminated! Even NB app is showing that theý cant b eliminated! We want charmar back at nach!

  • S

    They got many votes! so they can not be out from NB!!! We are not blind. Star plus playing a dirty game!

  • Shradha

    Unfair judgement on nach show! Sajid played dirty politics! Charmar cant get eliminate! We want charmar back!

  • Pia Sharma

    yes they definately deserve one mre chance coz they r one of they most amazng dancers in d shw….they r jst superb,mindblowng…!!! they have done soooo mny unique dances dat other jodi’s have not done…!!! amar nd charlie truly deserve a second chance..!!! they v the viewers have nt voted them out,its veyyyy wrong thng dat u guyzzz have posted… one cn even compete with charmar in terms of voting…..for soo mny weeks they were the highest voted jodi..just chck ur nach app n online vote they always got highest votes..!!!! they r not out coz of votng they r out coz of politics……….we all viwers literally want them back…..coz without chamrar nach baliye 5 is nothng for all of us.!!!! after their elimination many of fans have quit d shw….plzzzzzzzzz give them one chance..!!!CHARMAR RoCKS……….. most deserving jodi to win nach :-)

  • pritesh

    chance and watch the dance

  • Mubayana

    Yes they deserve a chance.

  • vaishnavi

    yes they deserve a chance

  • Shradha

    the couple with the max votes last week got eliminated this week……it is highly unacceptable! We voted fo Charmar madly then how iz it possible ?!! Disgusting! We want charmar back!

  • poonam

    they got highest votes from the can highest voted jodi eliminated.its scripted stuffs..totally politics and dirty game of some one..Amar and Charlie totally deserve a chance..even public want them back in the show

  • Rehana Hayaat Khan

    They really deserve a chance.

  • Gayatri

    they surely deserve one more chance

  • varsha

    we want charmar back in the show… they were the highest voted contestant in last week, and this week they got eliminated by saying that they didnt got enough voting …. what r u saying???? we are not fool here who have voted day and night… they were not eliminated, purposely done by one person for his personal ego…. Nachbaliye is scripted show…. they deserve chance and i am sure they will win nachbaliye if they got a chance… they are the most deserving pair in Nach…

  • Foram G.

    hello hello what rubbish is this? just because you couldn’t write what Mr. Sajid did to them, you are writing about our innocent charmar, amar and charlie? you don’t have right to do that alright. if you don’t know the truth, then just keep quite and sit. do not spread this kind of nonsense around. i swear people don’t even have common sense now-a-days. god help them. and viewers decided to vote them out? what? like what the hell are you talking about? viewers worked day and night to keep them on top. they were on 2nd position okay. peace.


  • yusra

    yes …. charmar deserve one more chance….. they didnt voted out …. got highest votes and so many times they are on no.1 position.

  • trishani naha

    yes , we want charmar back in this show by hook or by crook….Plzz give them one chance…….

  • Aatish

    Ya give them a chance charmar back in nach baliye this is the best jodi in nach baliye

  • prabha

    I think they deserve one chance if parage can deserve then they also deserve.

  • Mubayana


  • amita

    yes,they deserve a chance.because if arvindji forgot step even judges give 10 marks out of 11 and if charlie forgot then then only 7 or 9 marks for them its not good actually….pls give them one chance…

  • sohali

    yea dey definitely deserve a chance……….!!!!!!!!

  • gourav

    kick out shilpa shetty first . then think of sajid. master queen of dirty politics shilpa shetty. now she is baqdly after jay and mahi. kick shilpa

  • Shreya

    Ek chance deke to dekho………. Wait and watch nach baliye dey r gonna rock d show!!!!!!!!!

  • Shradha

    Whats wrong wid judges?! Theý dnt even deserve their position! We want charmar back! Nach only belongs to them!

  • ramita

    you know guys last week when I voted for charmar the no. was unreachable and same was with my bro phone and we are a regular voter so the no. is feeded in my phone and it cant be wrong and then they are saying that people voted them out!sorry if the coming episode is the last episode of charmar then even for me it is the last time when I will watch Nb

    • jeevanajas

      i to agree with it

    • shivani

      exactly…even i think that charmers were eliminated because of politics…and not because of less votes…because according to is not possible that on the previous episode they were the top Jodi in terms of voting and in the next episode they got eliminated…isn’t that strange.

  • rubina

    i personally think its ok give a chance to other couples. specially mahi and j.

  • shefali

    Yes they deserve a chance. And we audience did not vote him out. They got the higest votes, go check the nach app it say amar and Charlie should be save but they are out. This is complete cheating. I dnt accept this.

  • amita

    they deserve the chance they are best i love them and voted them but this is apparent cheating . nb belongs to charmar only

  • nihal

    yes sure. Is jodi ki wajah se to me nach bliye dekh raha hun

    • sameen zafar

      yes , the deserve one more chance plzzzzzzz inko wapis leao nach baliye 5 mein plzzzzzz

  • Chitrashwa

    i think they should give amar and charlie a chance he has got the highest votes but i dnt no how they were eliminated it is shocking as they were at top position and got eliminated in one week,i think frm here onwards i will not watch N.B.

  • sameen zafar

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz amar and charlie ko ek aur chance deee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • sameen zafar


  • ruchita

    go to hell this competition because i think in nach baliye best jodi is amar and charlie I think they are the winners of
    nach baliye and i don’t watch nach baliye

  • aarya

    charmar r d best!!!!!!
    how can they go out????????

  • charu

    please giveone more chance to them.amar and charlie eliminates due to sajid khan.he is not at all a good judge.most stupid judge.we dont like this show just due to sajid khan.he is very very partial.not at all good judge.amar should win theshow.he isbest dancer of all.

  • vijaykirdavkar

    charmar ko 1 chance milna sab sajid ke vajah se hua he .sajid is not gud judge. Use nikal ke fek do.ulta.plz plz plz .amar charli ko wapas lao.tumhare bina ye show accha nhi lagta.mene to dekhna b band kiya he.

  • vijay

    charmar ko plz wapas lao .wo deserve karte he .unko 1 chance milna hi to kahta hu k sajid ki aanewali film hi flop hogi sale ki. Usko dance ka A tak pata he ky .uski vajah Se charmar eliminate hue he.charmar se accha he sajid ko uthake fek do show se.n plz charmar ko vapas lao

  • sonal

    dis is not fair.nach baliye 5 ke winner charmar hi he.wo deserve karte.sajid ke karan unko ye show chodna pada he.sajid ko to sirf wo nilu arvind pasand he baki koi nhi bt sajid ye galat he .tune start se hi amar charli ko torture kiya he really specially charli ko.u r fake..tum khud ye show chod k chle jao..plz me to ab nb 5 kabhi dekhungi b nhi.plzz amar chrli ko 1 chane do yar.pli………………zzzzz………i miss u a lot

    • yashi narang

      you r perfectly write… in my opinion sajid is not a correct judge.only becox of him charmars ko nb ko chodna pada.. i miss a lot amar

  • robin

    amar and charlie deserv one more chance yr kisi ko us ki glty pr bar bar nai bolna chaheye nai to wo or ghabra jata hai or sajid ne yehi krke bilkul acha nai kia i like this jodi i like charlie so much usi ke liye to mai nach baliye dekh ta tha