Nach Baliye 5 review: Less dance and more melodrama!

Nach Baliye 5 review: Less dance and more melodrama!

Shilpa Shetty is fun, Sajid Khan leaves you in splits and Terence Lewis is the humble one

Nach Baliye 5 kick-started with a bang, as hosts Karan Wahi and Gautam Rode welcomed the judges with fancy introductions and showered them with an array of compliments. There are 11 couples on the show and each one of them is a known face on television. We like the dancing, we like Shilpa Shetty giggling after virtually every sentence, Sajid Khan’s cheeky remarks are superb and Terence Lewis’ high-funda gyaan on dance is also cool. But what we don’t like is the intermittent melodrama.

Why can’t it be a plain, no-frills show purely based on dance, which portrays the chemistry between the couples and in return give their fans a chance to know more about these celebs? Why does there have to be unnecessary rona-dhona and couples getting super mushy for taking the TRPs a notch higher? Everything looks so familiar after a while ‘coz almost every other show on the idiot box follows the same formula these days – going overboard with the whole ‘emotional drama’ thing. Case in point: Ankush Mohla going gaga over his wife and labeling her as the ultimate superwoman and Smita Bansal crying at the drop of a hat, Jay Bhanushali raving about how Mahi Vij is the perfect wife and she instantly bursting into tears et al. We want to see energetic dancers who are trying to compete with each other despite not being natural leg shakers, and not pairs in a mutual admiration club.

Talking about dance, Shefali Zariwala seems awfully serious about the competition. She’s trying new things, not necessarily excelling in them, but at least trying. Her Lindy Hop act on the pacey Dreamum wakepum was fun to watch even though she failed to impress the judges. Jay and Mahi are a fun-loving pair and the excitement is so visible in their performances. Suhasi Goradia and Jaisheel Dhami are amazingly cute. As Sajid rightly said, despite being an IT engineer, Jaisheel is killing it on the NB  floor, and we couldn’t agree with him more. Neelu Vaghela and Arvind Kumar are the most energetic couple despite being the oldest pair in the competition and that’s truly inspiring. Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Mahajan are a full-on entertaining package – we loved their spirit as Dimpy dressed as an auto-driver and Rahul as a sexy chamiya and the two grooved to Fevicol se. Kushal Tandon and Elena may be good dancers and have the x-factor, but something still seems amiss – maybe the attitude that’s required to create the much needed magic on the dance floor. Amarjeet Singh and Charlie Chauhan remind us of high-school sweethearts, they are the bachchas on the show who don’t just dance well but are also are the judges’ cutie pies ‘coz they are very young.

Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta talk to the point of irritation. And one revelation: Sargun is an absolute spoil sport. What’s there to cry just ‘coz Sajid thought their performance wasn’t creative enough? Anyways, despite the loopholes, NB 5 has managed to garner decent TRPs – 4.1 in its first episode and 4.3 in the second. All in all, a decent show, and only if they had cut down on the emotional nonsense, we would have given it a thumbs-up without much reluctance.

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Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

Reviewed by Deboshree Ghosh

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  • KS

    this review was bang-on!! good job! the most correct review i’ve read in a long time about anything..i cant disagree with anything you’ve said…i can only agree :D

  • Postmodern

    Looks like a big Sajid fan is coming! Wouldn’t rate this article 1 outa 5. Get a life writer! Do justice to ur job and stop being biased to great dancers like Sargun and Ravi! Audiences strongly feel that some of the judges of Nach Baliye 5 do not deserve to be a judge!

  • Brb

    Well said postmodern. Looks like the author has some personal grudges against the last couple she mentioned. When it’s about melodrama, it’s coming from almost every couple and the worst melodramas are coming from the mother-in-law contestants. Kushal and Elena are doing absolutely well and I can feel their chemistry. Lastly I think most of the judgings are being done out of personal favor which need to be stopped.

    • Fatima

      I couldn’t have agreed with you more BrB
      I think exactly the same Baby

  • Dreamy

    Bakwash article…..Kick Sajid out and you won’t be seeing any melodrama….

    • shweta bhoir

      Ilove see this show but in this show judges is very over smart and not good.I can feel the MAHI & JAY lovely chemistry.Because Jay is very LOVE to Mahi.But I don’t like Rahul & Dimpy or Neelu & Arvind melodrama.But I like Rahul’s comedy.

  • Fatima

    I love Elena And Kushal Tandon soo much they are my 1st favorite Jodi then it is Amarjeet and Charlie.

  • whatajoke

    Why Shilpa Shetty laughs a lot on the show ?? still not able to understand. Sajid khan dont have capability to judge he is good as an anchor only. Sajid’s comments are of no use so as Shilpa. I have stopped watching this show just because of Sajid and Shilpa.

  • shweta bhoir


  • Yasmin

    Umm Ravi and Sargun should be eliminated. Not Shefali and Parag