Nach Baliye 5: Shefali Zariwala and Parag Tyagi to be voted out!

Nach Baliye 5: Shefali Zariwala and Parag Tyagi to be voted out!

The Kaanta Laga babe and her beau couldn’t compete with Smita Bansal-Ankush Mohla when they landed in the danger zone…

The next jodi who will be ousted from the celebrity dance reality show Nach Baliye 5 will be Shefali Zariwala and Parag Tyagi. The couple, along with Smita Bansal and Ankush Mohla, found their way into the danger zone due to their awkward steps. But Smita Bansal, who is a better-known television personality than Parag or Shefali, was saved by audience votes.

Does that make us feel gloomy? Not really. Because it was evident from Shefali and Parag’s performance that while the Kaanta Laga babe was a decent dancer, beau Tyagi was finding it a tad difficult to keep up with her. That led to a mismatch in coordination that marred their performances. Right, aren’t we?

But as we bid adieu to this jodi, tell us who you think might be next in line for eviction?

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  • Prash

    I don’t aagree wth u, shefali and parag had given memorable performances like hay rama and they tried doing different thing by doing Lindi hop on Dreamum Wakepum, which ws infact better performance than many other Contestants performances.parag n shefali is the only couple who is dancing and trying different form of dancing without using any prop unlike others who are doing no dancing but melodrama, its unfaair and unfortunate that the best couple is being eliminated in order to make the weakest couple win. I don’t think shefaali and parag have fallen short of voting, they were no.2 last week n this week u saying they r out, something is not right about it. Now I don’t think many people can digest, reality show is showing its true our by eliminating the most popular and the best couple. Don’t think people will like it and follow the show in future.

    • Rajesh

      I totally agree with Prash. Parag and Shefali had proved their mettle. They are better dancing couple than many contestants and had the calibre to win nach. It always happens in reality show, best couple always gets eliminated in order to make a way for weaker couple to reach into finals. So sad. Don’t worry shefali Parag, u guys are the best.

    • Suman

      Prash you are absolutely right. its a kindda melodrama not a dance show.

    • AB27

      You are absolutely right……….

  • Suman Choudhary

    I agree with Paras. How disgusting is it! what kindda dance show is this. non-dancers are safe there and skilled are elemineted…
    It should me named “Comedy Circus of Sajid”
    Its not an entertainment show sir. Shefali n Parag have the guts to win this show. but how they could.. I think its like a fixed game.. no talent is required there.
    I was fan of nach baliye.. but now feeling regret for being that..:((
    We want Shefali’s jodi back…………!!

  • Reena

    It’s sad Parag and shefali r gng! They wre actually good! Dy r much much much thousand times better than Rahul Mahajan, karan, and Charlie!!! Too sad dy r out! Stupid show

  • AB27

    This is not even a dance show. This is piss of s***

  • Rukiyah Husna

    You know what just be quiet all of you! You dont know what all these actors, dancers, judges, directors etc have have to go through just to present a decent show to us! Your saying karan, charlie and rahul are rubbish? Well guess what it takes courage and effort to please the audience which a lot of people lack! And anyways as if whoever said that could do any better than them and if you can please join nach baliye to prove me wrong! Maybe it was written in shefali and parags destiny that their journey in nach baliye is short, thats gods decision not the dance show! Calling it a stupid show? How would you like it if somebody called your show stupid? And hello what you on about non dancers are safe, to be honest anyone can dance, it isnt something that requires degrees and diplomas! All the contestants are working day in and day out, stressing about what the viewers may think, worried about the votes, sleepless nights and tired days is what they go through but we dont realise that because they come on the stage with a cheerful smile and the main thing is they’re doing this not for the money but our votes and im sure we can spare them with our criticism! If you dont like a particular jodi then fine dont vote for them but dont criticise them because they have what it takes to enter a reality show!

    • tahiya

      I agree with you

  • montee

    ple sephali our parag ko wapas show me lo. plz

    wo bohat good dancer he plz

  • aliya

    i wish Shefali Zariwala and Parag Tyagi stay in. please keep them in !!!

  • aliya

    i wish Shefali Zariwala and Parag Tyagi stay in.

  • aliya

    i wish Shefali Zariwala and Parag Tyagi STAY IN !!!!

  • Mousumi

    welcome back Shafali n Parag.without them in NB:5 has no value so my vote only 4 them .


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