Nach Baliye 6: Will Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee be able to give their best?

Debina Gurmeet Nach Baliye 6

It’s the hunger to win no matter what that makes us so proud of this jodi

Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee are one of the power couples on Nach Baliye 6 and without them there just isn’t much competition left on the show. When we heard that Debina had injured herself during the rehearsals of her performance, we wondered if this was the end of their dream.

Debina had injured herself two weeks back but ignored the pain thinking it was a pull, but the doctors apparently figured that it was a cracked rib. Now this put a serious doubt on the possibility of their continued existence on the dance reality show as dancing with a cracked rib can’t be that easy considering the level of performances that the jodi delivers.

The doctors have given Debina a go-ahead for the dance show but with conditions attached. The actor will be undergoing physiotherapy every day. Debina has to get her waist taped and wear a belt at all times. She has also been prescribed calcium supplements and pain killers for all the exertion that her body will go through. Apparently, Gurmeet has hired a physiotherapist to be with them throughout the rehearsals, and the main performances. The doc has also restricted them from back straining moves.

With all these restrictions, we wonder if they will be able to give their best on the dance floor. As the finale is inches closer the competition will get tougher, we wonder if Debina will be able to stand the test of time. Gurmeet is confident that they will be able to pull off any kind of dance no matter what. We believe you!

All said and done, the duo has been scoring full marks in their performances in spite of all the pain, which is very commendable. However, it also forces us to think if they are using the injury to win the janta’s sympathy votes. Our doubts got confirmed when we saw a tweet by the actor, “Guys. Hope u liked our performance #NachBaliye.I m fighting pain to give my best.Please vote for us to make our dream come true.” Need we say more?

Nonetheless, we wish Debina a speedy recovery and hope the couple delivers as promised.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • abi

    i agree with u..starplus n judges started to play dirty’s script programme..Syddenly gurmeet becum no 1 in voting…Fishy..There is alot of couples better than them..still they get less marks n votes…Starplus such a stupid..u can’t cheat us….stupid show….alrdy they decide who is the winner..

    • Nishant Gore


  • amla ruth

    shame on them ,i used to like him as an actor & also as a person feel bad for his wife when few obsessed fans used to hate her, but then this nach baliye & desperate behaviour surprised me & how they used the emotions of his fans & how Starplus & the production house rahul mahajan who is gr8 frd of gurmeet tried hard to bring them into no.1 by saying he is doing a show in SP with barun so that barun fans also vote for him who has big fan following, first few weeks he used his coactors & kratika’s & drashti’s fans now barun fans &serious injury & copying the whole act from JDJ this shows gurbina couple can stoop to any low to win,personally i used to like then not anymore.

    • Nishant Gore


  • Nishant Gore

    ye bai double game khe rahi hai..jeet to with injury and hari to cause of injury , ye apne aapko bohot smart and public ko buddu samzati ye or ye aaj ki baat nahi hai..2-3 yr se ye silsila chal raha hai..or ye sab karne ki kya jarurat thi jab ye predecided winner hai.jis jodi ko show suru honese phale se 90% public ne nakara tha unko rahul ne entry dye di of sp ne sare prz and sajid ne full marks all the time???? per phir bhi aaj sare poll may 12% se jada vote nahi hai (iska sabut hai) phir bhi ye no 1 ??????? this prove how crupt ph and judges and star plus panel…ek baat to tay hai ZOOT KYE BUNIYAD PER MILE SECUSSE JADA DER TAK NAHI RAHATI…

  • amruthapriyamvada

    first she was the one attention ,seeker looser & D grade lair celeb in the industry & he had a clean image & hardworking actor tag but see he completely changed to her mode lying,showoff & manipulating just to win a fraud show #Nachbaliye which never helped actors in their carrier building & #Starplus stooping such low just to make them no.1 it underscored actual best dancers just because the production house want his best friend to win & a good image actor making mockery of a serious medical condition Rib fracture & he says she has will power & she is superwomen blah blah & plays with the emotions of fans & viewers & after all this drama his so called die hard fans in twitters & social sites bash raquesh & physically challenged guy vinod for just a small scripted prank & blame other fangrps inhuman & bashers, i want to ask are there anybody much inhuman than these couple & those obsessed fans. God is witnessing everything, he made a small musle pull into rib fracture &tweeted, let him see if he is wrong he will be no where in the industry,India is seeing this weirdness 20% doctors population can research on her now rib fracture women can jump & dance Wow…

  • sonal patil

    Shame on u Gurmeet how much more u will stoop low for money & fame all the time this dramebaaz nautanki jodi play with Aam janta’s emotions for sympathy votes .His maha dramebaaz wife is a super woman who became all right fro the rib injury so soon with doing all dancing like crazy. How much this PDA jodi will lie there is no end to it i am asking where is the chemistry between this jodi forget passion Gurmeet has lost respect in our eyes we all know judges & channeln is biased towards them they getaway with marks they dont desrve. their acts are not innovative but copied from JDJ & DID

  • Angaladd Siya

    this couple is so cheap they r doing anything for getting vote samen on u dasbina and gurmeet

  • Guest

    Can everyone plz stop bashing on this couple and appreciate the fact
    that regardless of their motive, ultimately they are dancing on this
    show for our entertainment! The fact that Gurmeet said that he knows his
    wife can do should not be seen as low or cheap but cute because he has
    confidence in his wife (who he knows a lot better than all of you!) Plus
    this is something not all jodi’s on this show has so just stop!

    • Guest

      I agree! and + just cuz debina is hurt no 1 is forcing u guys to vote for them! no offense to ashvik but if ur a true ashvik fan your gonna vote for them no matter wut. and hey debina’s not the only one thats been injured! so has many other jodis so who knows? maybe THEY were also getting sympathy votes! sry but vinod and raksha were prbly only no 1 for a while cuz of vinod (which wud b considered a sympathy vote) so wutever!

  • Kaveri Saronwala

    see the new promo….thy r doin back straining moves,… tactics ..hope audience sees tht….thy dnt deserve to win

  • prateek

    disgusting couple! go to hell if u have some shame!