Nagma molested and forcefully kissed by Congress MLA Gaj Raj Sharma in Meerut rally – watch video!

Nagma molested and forcefully kissed by Congress MLA Gaj Raj Sharma in Meerut rally – watch video!
Yogen Shah

Last year south actor Shweta Menon alleged that she was molested by 76-year-old Congress MP N Peethambara Kurup and this year there is a fresh episode of misbehaviour by a congressman towards another southern star has come to the forefront

Actor turned politician Nagma was molested by her colleague Congress MLA Gaj Raj Sharma at a rally in Meerut. The actor who was attending an election rally in Hapur was shocked when Sharma grabbed her in full public view and kissed her on the cheek. The pictures of this episode have gone viral on the internet, shows an upset Nagma walking out of a rally without addressing the crowds.

Nagma, was shocked when a senior party leader emerged out of the crowd and indulged in such an act. The actor was angry and took Gaj Raj’s pushed his hands off her body and directly headed to the waiting vehicle. While Sharma has argued that his intentions were not wrong, it seems that Nagma was fuming with anger as the MLA tried to feel her during the meeting. Some of the women associations have demanded an apology from Gaj Raj.

The local municipality chairman Malti Bharti has come out in support of the actor, she said, “Nagma could be his daughter’s age and whatever he did, he should have done with affection.”

Apparently the actor was not even allowed to file her nomination papers as the cops stopped district Congress president Saleem Bharti from entering the Collector’s office.
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    what utter bs. the video is sped up to make it look like she flung his hand off. its so obvious.
    wow, the extent some dispecable people go to for politics. shame on india.
    instead of showing altered videos perhaps these ‘news’ channels should focus on real issues of india and indian people.


    this is a cheap political gimmick and the story is written by nagma herself to kiss her in full public view, so that it becomes a news. nagma is a cheap person and congress has all cheap people


    what does nagma know about indian politics did she study anything, does she has any education at all how can a party give her a ticket to contest. shame on congress

  • Barbooza

    He offered her 10 K per night but she wanted more.