Nana Patekar to direct ‘Ab Tak Chhappan’ sequel

Is Nana Patekar pushy? Maybe Shimit Amin and Sahil Saple, ex directors of Ab Tak Chhappan sequel, have an answer to that one

Buzz is that Ram Gopal Varma is fussing over a certain ghost nowadays. But this time it’s nothing supernatural. We are talking about ghost director Nana Patekar who is all set to direct the sequel of Ab Tak Chhappan. Apparently, the plan was to give the credit to someone else and have Nana ghost direct the film, but that fell through when Nana took the meaning of “ghost” as seriously as “director” and scared away the other official directors. RGV first chose Shimit Amin to direct ATC 2, but Nana wasn’t happy as he had had several differences with Shimit during the making of ATC. So, RGV moved on to his protege, Sahil Saple. ATC 2 was to be Saple’s debut movie as a director, but now even he has opted out after he reportedly realised he wasn’t going to get to be the actual director of the film.

Now the movie is officially in Nana’s hands. RGV claims that the decision was taken because Sahil wanted to work on another script. However, Sahil claims he isn’t working on any other script and he opted out for other reasons. Maybe the thought of Nana checking his ever move wasn’t a pleasant thought for the newbie. Anyway, now Nana is all set to return to the role of Sadhu Agashe. But with the director’s hat to balance, will he be able to recreate the magic of the first film? We wonder…