Nargis Fakhri gets a birthday surprise from Ranbir Kapoor!

The Rockstar couple celebrated with chocolate cake, candles and loads of songs on board a plane!

Ranbir Kapoor sure knows how to treat a girl. Even if she is just his ‘good friend’ and Rockstar co-star Nargis Fakhri. We heard that Ranbir threw a surprise birthday party for Nargis. Nothing new in that, you say? Wait till you heard where the party was held – in an aeroplane, 20,000 feet up in the air! Yes, Ranbir, Nargis, Mohit Chauhan and the film’s producer Hiren Gandhi were enroute to Nagpur to promote their film on the debutante’s birthday. Ranbir smuggled in an amazing chocolate cake from a Mumbai bakery on to the flight without Nargis getting wind of it. Once they were airborne, he got one of her assistants to take Nargis to a different cabin on a flimsy excuse. When she came back, the entire team yelled ‘Surprise!’ and presented her with the cake. All of them even sang ‘Happy birthday’ as she blew out the candles and cut the cake. Needless to say, Nargis was truly surprised. She didn’t know the team was aware it was her birthday that day. Of course, she was thrilled with the effort the team had taken to make sure she had a great day. We are sure this is one birthday she’ll remember for a long time.


Nargis bonds with Ranbir’s mom at his birthday bash