Naseer’s son has a foot-in-mouth moment

Imaad Shah goes blank while answering a question about his favourite poet

Imaad Shah, the actor who made his debut with Dil Dosti Etc, has recently been in the news for two reasons. One, his unkempt curly helmet— a one of its kind hairdo, and second, his movie 404 slated to release on May 12. Anyway, this young actor had a foot-in-mouth moment recently while promoting 404. On being asked who inspires him as a writer (considering he’s really passionate about not just singing but also composing), he replied, “Ghalib is someone who really inspires me. I love his poetry and the way he writes.” But what followed was quite an embarrassing moment for this young actor.When he was asked to recite a few lines written by his favourite poet Ghalib, Imaad went totally blank. What we gauged from his expression was that the poor sod was clueless about any of Mirza Ghalib’s work. But the cover-up explanation given by the young actor was that he has just gone blank and nothing’s really coming to his mind. Well, Imaad, all we asked for is a little evidence!