Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri get nostalgic on Anupam Kher’s show!

Anupam’s looking for a coat misplaced by Om Puri years ago

On Sunday, Anupam Kher had talked about a tattered Rs65 coat belonging to his father on his talk show. It became a talking point between his guests Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri and among all the members of Anupam’s extended family.

It all started when the host let out that years ago when Om was in his hometown Simla to perform a play, he had lost the coat which was part of his costume on stage, minutes before the performance.

“I had yanked off the coat that my father was wearing at the play and rushed backstage to give it to Om,” says Anupam. “I reminded Om of that and he remembered the incident vividly.”

After the telecast of the episode, Anupam received a call from his uncle. “My father’s youngest brother told me that the bandhgala coat I had taken from my father and given to Om actually belonged to him and that he had bought it for Rs65. My uncle had worn it at his wedding and it had turned out to be a disaster. He wanted to get rid of what he considered his ‘manhoos’ wedding coat. So he gave it to my father,” shares Anupam. The hunt is now on for the coat.

Says Anupam, “While my uncle considered the coat unlucky, Om considers it very lucky. When my mother heard about the coat she too wanted it as a memorial of my father. So we are all trying to locate that priceless piece of apparel.”