Nasha Goti song: This typography video is quite vulgar!

A new song from Poonam Pandey’s debut film Nasha is out, and we must confess that despite being fairly open minded, this song made us knit our eyebrows….and how!

The Goti song from Nasha is as scandalous as Poonam Pandey’s image. Even though it has a fast and a pacey tune, a very youthful melody, the words of the ditty will make you roll your eyes and stare at the screen with utter shock – not the kind of shock that drives you up against the wall, but the fun, playful amazement that makes you wonder… ‘Dude what’s happening! Who the hell has composed this number?’.

So the video is simply trying to state how a guy ends up damaging his…err… privates if he gets into a relationship with a chick. She is going to rob him blind – from shopping to pub-hopping, she is going to loosen his purse strings and, if needed, create a big hole in his wallet. And of course, it finally concludes that to save the trouble of all that sobbing and whining, even Romeo and Juliet and Laila and Majnu made sure they didn’t stick together for too long. Silly to the core, but if you are in a goofy mood, you might just start tapping your feet! And make sure you watch it alone – you don’t want your parents to bust your goti

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