Nasha song Tera nasha: Poonam Pandey looks tamed in this melodious number!

Contrary to our expectations, this track from Poonam’s ‘wild’ debut is toned down and tuneful

Tell us honestly, what would you expect from the very first song of Poonam Pandey’s erotic drama, Nasha, given the fact that the babe is always desperate to shed her clothes and indulge in a skin show? Well, killing our naughty expectations in one single stroke, the Tera nasha number is high on melody and extremely low on the wilderness you would crave.

All you see in the song is romance peppered with the rules of seduction as Poonam lures her co-actor Shivam. For a film that has been in the news for its titillating plot and the poster that roars – Nasha…get addicted this Monsoon – the first track has Poonam only kissing and making love in between the sheets, offering very little stimulus to our senses.

Director Amit Saxena has been screaming from the rooftops that his movie is an erotic drama and not porn. And going by this number, we might just believe him. Nasha will hit screens on July 26.