Nasha trailer: Poonam Pandey fuels your wild imagination!

Wed, June 5, 2013 3:41pm IST by
Nasha trailer: Poonam Pandey fuels your wild imagination!

The promo of Poonam’s secretly awaited erotic saga is out and must say the babe looks seriously sexy. Take a look!

After revealing everything imaginable through her incessant tweets, Poonam Pandey finally has something concrete to show to the whole world – the sizzling promo of her forthcoming movie, Nasha. Directed by the Jism filmmaker Amit Saxena, Nasha is an intriguing tale of love, lust, sins, passion and everything in between (the sheets).

Stealing the thunder by doing what she does best, indulging in a relentless skin show, Poonam has a noticeable presence in the promo. To our surprise the production looks slick and classier than the seedy pictures she posts online. In the trailer we see the babe walking in a semi transparent gown that reveals more than it hides. She slowly approaches the men who either love or lust after her, and what happens thereafter is worth a watch.

‘In the world temptation romance is temporary but addiction is forever’ roars the tagline of the movie. And do we need to say how Poonam has lived up to it absolutely faithfully? Take a look at this steamy promo and tell us if the Pandey pataka has nailed it with her debut venture!


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