Natasa Stankovic is Prakash Jha’s new item girl!

The director explains why he has added an item number in his political thriller Satyagraha

Filmmaker Prakash Jha hasn’t missed adding one sizzling item number in his forthcoming drama Satyagraha. He has roped in model-actor Natasa Stankovic to groove to a thumri-electronic fusion number called Aiyo ji hamri atariya mein for the movie.

The filmmaker believes that such songs contribute to certain sensibilities and add to the story. “Such numbers contribute to certain moments and sensibilities. They (dance numbers) help the story too,” Jha said in a statement.

Earlier, Manyata Dutt, wife of actor Sanjay Dutt, did an item song called Alhad mast jawaani for Jha’s 2003 released film Gangaajal. Also, television actor Barkha Bisht performed to an item song titled Ishq barse hai boondan boondan in 2010 film Raajneeti.

“Manyata’s song helped in establishing the psyche of debased people. In Satyagraha, the item song creates the ambiance of affluence and the bonhomie of corrupt people,” added Jha.

He also admits that peppy songs such as these help to draw attention to a film. “They do entertain; and entertainment happens to be the most important part of filmmaking. At the same time, when used cleverly, they can also be meaningful,” said Jha.

Natasa, who has previously shot for a few ads in India, is also excited about the number. “In October 2012, I went (came) to Mumbai, where I started to do shows, TV commercials and billboards. My favourite job was my advertisement for Johnson’s Baby collection…Now, I hope that the (Satyagraha) song will be a hit, and my game will come to the fore,” she said.

Satyagraha features Amitabh Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devgn and Arjun Rampal. The film releases on August 23.